Where do you put 14k lbs of transmissions?


Things must be pretty bad here in Northwest Ohio. Of course this is George Bush's fault.
.This could be one of the heaviest scrap metal crimes in recent history. The group broke into Weber Transmission and stole 14,000 pounds worth of transmissions needed to fix cars. The victim is blown away either no one noticed or no one bothered to call police.

One part weighs over 200 pounds, now imaging taking 80 of these. Steve Weber is tallying what's left of his inventory, wondering how crooks ripped off $25,000 in parts.


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Some where will turn them in.

When I lived in New England there were thieves that made off with high voltage line wire, heavy thick copper cables.

Busted when they tried to turn it in for cash.

It wasn't all that many years ago when thieves were stealing catalytic converters in the parking garages in Toledo.

Im not surprised no one noticed while it was happening, its kind of off the path so to speak. There are no visible neigbors and its way off the street. To a motorist passing by, if they even would notice they would probably assume they were working late.

As for police in that area, thats a funny one. The east side only has two patrols at any given time. (allegedly)

I'm sure someone will get caught though if they are going to be using them for scrap, but they may want to check out other transmission shops who may have needed some "inventory".

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