Michelle Rhee raised here, leads Washington DC schools

Here is a good story that has has completely been lost locally. I was familiar with Michelle Rhee's appointment to lead the troubled DC school system, but it was only today I found out she grew up in the area (apparently Rossford). She has been making waves in DC, and her story is something we should all be proud of her, especially since we are all tired of the politics being played on the national scene. Here is a young lady from the area running one of the largest districts in America. She is daughter of Korean immigrants and grew up here and studied at Maumee Valley Country Day School.

Here are some links:

Her interview on Charlie Rose:

Newsweek article:

PBS Profile:

Washington Post article:

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 totally.   The video clip with Charlie Rose  is excellent

...first grade graduate from high school and go on to higher education, find jobs or create businesses. Until then I hear only wind.

Old South End Broadway

and the brain drain goes on. Shame a bright mind like that couldn't find something in NW Ohio.

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