Kaptur says banks are coming back to momma - obviously hates the banks - must see

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Atta girl! She's spot on.

(See how I did that, Chris? I simply added a contrasting viewpoint in the comments. No need to edit content or censor ideas. But hey, I'm a free thinker. I don't need protection from spindly web masters)

People like Pink Slip

Pink Slip

I dare you to post something that is not biased. As you can see I am not afraid to post something like this.

Most of my posts are straight cut-and-paste jobs from newspaper articles. You've really gone off the deep end---your posts are more biased than most, and yet you complain of others.

People like Pink Slip

Pink Slip

Hardly. The fact that you don't post anything contrary to your leftist views shows you are biased.

Your allegations that my posts are biased, on this post of Marcy in her own words shows how ridiculous your allegations really are. I am sure many people will get a good laugh reading your comment on this post. I am chuckling myself at how stupid you are beginning to sound.

It has been a whole 24 hrs, you still have not said how my jonstainbrooksucks.com post can be made fair after whining about it. If you are going to whine you should make a point.

Your allegations that my posts are biased, on this post of Marcy in her own words shows how ridiculous your allegations really are

Oh really? I didn't hear Kaptur saying she "obviously hates the banks". Those are YOUR words, not "her own" as you now say. Clearly a biased title to this thread.

It has been a whole 24 hrs, you still have not said how my jonstainbrooksucks.com post can be made fair after whining about it. If you are going to whine you should make a point.

It's not surprising that you miss my point. I do NOT want to edit or censor others' posts. I am more than able to debate ideas on their merits. YOU, on the other hand have edited and censored. And yet YOU yourself continue to be as biased as anyone else---as this thread and the scores of Stainbrook comments attest to. Hypocritical to say the least....

People like Pink Slip

Pink Slip

it is obvious she hates the banks and what they did. I am sure any normal person who is not off in left field can take that message from what she said. Where does she say she loves what they did?

Besides you continue to not address that I actually posted it, unlike you who refuses to do a similar thing. Plus it is also humorous that you are even saying this on this site where I allow your drivel. Keep giving me chuckles.

Where have I censored? You keep making allegations but you don't prove it and you can't prove it because it does not happen. How about start proving your points with concrete examples?

BTW PinkSlip, who are you? Why don't you have the guts to post under your real name? What do you do to have time all day to post here and on other discussion boards? All we know you could live in California and be paid to post here. Given your posts, this could be entirely true because you refuse to post anything contrary to your leftist views. You should not be a coward and make allegations behind a phony name. Why don't you show that you have guts and tell us who you are? Your silence to this question will be very deafening.

BTW I am still waiting to hear how to make the stainbrook one fair.... time is ticking.....if you whine about something be productive on how to make it better.

Oh I see---it's "obvious" she hates the banks. Maybe in your biased worldview. You do understand that by adding the words "obviously hates the banks"--that this makes your title biased, don't you? I'm sure if I would have posted this youtube, and titled the thread, "Kaptur sticks up for homeowners"----you'd say I was being biased.

You censored a couple of my posts, by changing the title of the thread. Look up the word censorship, and tell me this didn't happen.

As for who I am, it's none of your damn business.
People like Pink Slip

Pink Slip

If it is hot out I can say it is hot out and not be biased. The majority of people viewing Marcy's rant will take that she does not like the banks and what they did.

About your incorrect censorship claim: you know it is so weak you don't even want to link to the alleged posts. So you put out your allegation because the allegation is much more interesting than reality. Yes I have taken some of your posts, left your bloviations and added the other perspective. Hardly sounds like censoring, more of adding value to your one sided posts. Of course you are so disturbed by another perspective, which is why you will make incorrect claims of censorship. I allow other perspectives because I am unafraid of them, unlike yourself. Actually I have received more positive feedback on that than any other thing I have done. People like the point counterpoint articles and only time is prohibiting me from doing more. Making such ridiculous claims only highlights who you really are, and how far out you really are.

Also, we do deserve to know who you are because we want to know your motivation. If you are a paid staffer we deserve to know if you are financially motivated to post stories. Your defensiveness suggests you have something to hide. You will lose the remaining credibility you have by not saying who you are.

So it is your choice.

It's not a matter of people agreeing with your interpretation. My point is, there is clear bias in your posts about Marcy Kaptur or Jon Stainbrook or Pink Slip, etc. And yet you rail on about others' bias. You do it too---and who gets to "balance" your posts?

As for censorship, when you change someone's post to include your own "balance", that's a form of censorship because you are suppressing the original content by changing the meaning. Don't get me wrong---it's your blog and you can do what you want. But at least own up to it. Cowboy up and be a man about it.

People like Pink Slip

Pink Slip

As usual, I agree with Pink Slip. It's your blog, You may do as you please. However changing a posting itself is a form of censorship. There is nothing wrong with keeping the posting as is and then adding your comment about it like everybody else. You do this a lot.

Pink slip is also correct about your biases, to which you are entitled. We all have biases. I've admitted to mine. But, why hurt the integrity of your site by changing the posting itself? If your ideas are superior, they will be just as effective as a comment as they will if you change the posting in the name of "balance".

to what the readers and contributors of this site say....only 12% of whom feel it's too liberally slanted, the vast majority of whom say there's no need to have any kind of changes at all, because by responding to something you disagree with, you are enabling your own ability to 'balance' and 'be fair' on a topic, but he wants to play Czar of SB.

He's a complete hypocrite in more than one way; he's a conservative Republican who in any other situation would abhor the idea of 'regulation', and he really only wants to 'balance' out the postings of liberal contributors, specifically Pink, who like Jon Strainbrook, he's developed a rather strange, oddball obsession with.


you figured it all out. Although you have no clue.

refuse to give the examples. For all of the links you like putting in your post, you don't want to show everyone else what was done. That is because your whole argument would melt like wax in an oven. Why do it when you can sit here and whine without proof.

Your definition of censorship is truly unique. Being scared of posting a counterpoint is quite disturbing especially if the post is left intact and the counterpoint is put below. That says more about you than your allegation.

PinkSlip the reason you don't get it is the behavior you exhibit. Since you are so dense, I ask everyone else to look for yourself. Take a look at Pink Slip's posts (click on PinkSlips name and look at the little box on the right). Most of the posts are negative partisan and compare that with my posts and even a few other's posts. People will know who is a political hack and who is adding value to the site. Pink Slip, the gutless wonder who refuses to ID themselves who may actually be paid to post hack stories here,

And we are still waiting for you to tell us who you are.

So continue with your weak arguments and look just like that. But since you are not telling us who you are, I guess we should expect nothing less.

'Pink Slip, the gutless wonder who refuses to ID themselves who may actually be paid to post hack stories here',

On what basis do you make your new allegation, that he's paid to post here? Evidence please? Think I'm paid too? Sensor? Wombat? Dalepertcheck? Anyone else who might disagree politically or otherwise with you? Tell everyone on here why you think Pink might be paid to post.

The 'tell us your neal name' line has been cast about here and elsewhere and most readers and contributors to blogs know its bullshit....or sorry, Chris, I swore there and I know how much swearing bothers you...just edit it to bullmanure.

The vast majority of people on SB who use their 'real name' have a vested interest in doing so; they either have a radio show or their own blog/website to promote. Using one's 'actual name' doesn't count for didly squat in terms of authenticity.

I seriously am beginning to think you need professional help.

I do this for free because I love proving the wing nuts wrong and I love this country. What better place to put the two together.

As for my real name? More then a few of you out their know it, but when I have an editorial published in the news paper, I've come home to find my answering machine filled up with right wing nut job rants. I have two small kids, I don't need some nut job stalking around the house.

not be able to read because if you can you would see the issue.

I will repeat slowly for slow people such as yourself:

PinkSlip's posts are mostly political hack posts and I take issue with that.

PinkSlip and yourself are cowards for not using your real name.

Quit whining and making excuses for the inexcusable.

how right now the time on my computer clock (and every other clock in my house) says it's 9:08 on Wed. morning and on your post Chris (the one that begins with 'Again You') the 'time' says its 10:48. So it stays right at the top of the 'recent comments block.' Really cool how you do that, Chris.

You seriously need to see examples of your censorship? Short memory? Here and here. You may consider this "adding" to the post, or "balancing" the post----but why don't you own up to your censorship? I readily admit that most of my posts are partisan. So what? There was never any rules on this site to try and be "fair". IMO, by trying to censor and balance posts you do a disservice to people like LCBM or other conservative bloggers. They do an adequate job of debating---they hardly need any help from the webmaster.

As for my identity, don't worry about it---it's none of your business. Is it just me, or is it unseemly for a webmaster to pressure someone to reveal their identity to everyone? Especially in light of the privacy policy. Pretty creepy....

People like Pink Slip

Pink Slip

of this site has gone off the deep end, without a life jacket, and he's proven to be not a very adept swimmer.

So, Pink, let's just get the heart of things. Are you affiilated with or do you represent a company or organization that would pay you to post liberal/Democratic Party-slanted material on this website?

No McCaskey, I do not get paid for this.

People like Pink Slip

Pink Slip

There's your answer, unless you're now going to call him a liar.

Now, how about now we get back to debating the topics of the day, without interference from you, Chris, and we can focus on returning SB what it once was--a place to vent and express opinions without you playing some bizarre role of site 'referee'. I would think we all could be happy with that.

now I believe it. Yeah right.


that is draconian censorship. I want every reader to go and read what pinkslip considers censorship then you can see how weak slip's argument is.

I have taken over stories before. You can ask Fred, NeighborhoodConcerns and a few other users who I have taken over their stories to add more info. The biggest story is:
http://swampbubbles.com/five-dead-1-280-michael-gagnon-adrian-michigan-r... -that was originally OhioKat's story. Adding more info or another point adds value, but I understand how you can be scared of another point.

Because you are such a gutless hack, you want to make allegations of censorship and try to play politics here, when your allegations are baseless.

You should not lecture me or anyone else on the site what should be done or not be done because in looking at your post history (click on PinkSlips name and see a list of recent posts) and your comments, you obviously are way off the deep end. No one on this site is matched by the partisanship you display.

If you want any credibility why don't you tell us who you are, then we know your motivations. Since you refuse to ID who you are we should assume the worse that you are paid to be here and looking at your post history, that theory may be true.

Ask me what?

Please, do not include me in this dance of words and oh ya's...

Taken over stories? Huh?

You got me on that.


I believe I have taken over one or two of your stories like the Gagnon one. I was not saying to ask you specifically, just referring to a few of the users I have taken over the stories in the past and done more with them, proving pink slip and mcaskey wrong again.

Who edits your biased posts, webmaster? Who censors the censor?

Seriously, what kind of webmaster edits others' posts against their will AND goes against their own privacy policy by pressuring people to identify themselves?

People like Pink Slip

Pink Slip


can edit any post on this site if I want. I asked you in the jonstainbrook one what you would want to say for it to be fair, you did nothing but whine and made no suggestions. Besides my bias comes out in posts, but any user can compare my posts with your posts and see the night and day difference on the value of my posts. Most of your posts are partisan, my posts flow a large spectrum and unlike you I even post things positive about people I don't agree with. Hell would freeze over before you did that. You are the most partisan on this site by any standard.

You keep saying I censor, you are 100% wrong. But to your far left beliefs, providing the other side of a story, without editing your post is probably akin to censorship. But in reality that is no where close to the definition of the word.

And where in the privacy policy does it say I can't ask someone to reveal themselves? I can't tell someone else who you are if I know your identity - I am still in court over this very issue.

We want to know your motivations for posting your mostly partisan posts, you should ID yourself so we can verify you do not work for any campaign. You will gain a lot of respect if you do, look like a coward if you don't. You don't have to but you have lots to gain if you do.

"We want to know your motivations for posting your mostly partisan posts"

This is the second or third time you've typed 'we' in regards to this issue.

You mean you want to know his 'motiviation.'

We, meaning everybody who uses this site, have heard from about half dozen or more posters and with the exception of I believe one, all have said you are wrong to change somebody's posts, for whatever reason. The poll on this topic that anyone can clearly see also verifies this. The vast majority of SB members are just fine with how the site had been administered before you began going off the deep end.

You need to step back, take a deep breath, and take a good, hard look at what you yourself are doing to your own site.

I asked you in the jonstainbrook one what you would want to say for it to be fair, you did nothing but whine and made no suggestions.

I have no desire to edit others' posts or to make them "fair and balanced". I can debate the issues in the comments section like everyone else. My point in your Stainbrook post, was to highlight your hypocrisy. I am sorry you cannot see this. But I see I'm not getting through to you. So I'll let you have the last word (I don't have a choice), and the others can decide. But from some of the comments, you don't have a leg to stand on.

As for my identity---again, it's none of your business. You can rest assured I am a local with an interest in politics. You can still see some of my old posts on the older version of Toledo Talk. They weren't all political. But hey, when you get closer to election season you should expect this.

People like Pink Slip

Pink Slip

Free Enterprise: You (the taxpayer) should take any losses. These "businessmen" remind me of the railroad "barons" of the last century. But what are we gonna do? These businesses are too large to allow to fail.

Old South End Broadway

Every conservative who claims that the private sector knows best, and that businesses just need to have government leave them alone should wake up! Every conservative who says that government doesn't do anything right, and the private sector does everything right should come to his/her senses. Corporate welfare is running rampant in this country, and could bankrupt the nation. Heaven forbid our government should help the workers and families when they lose their jobs and homes.

Keep voting for the Republicans. Keep paying for the billionaires' mistakes. If government ran the way these businesses do, the government debt would be astronomical! OOPS! Under so-called, self-styled conservatives Reagan, Bush #41, and Bush #43, that's exactly what's happened!! Oh, for the days of the true fiscal conservative, womanizing President who knew how to run the government efficiently and produce budget surpluses!!

No bailout.

If the banks fail, then they deserve to fail. And if people loose their houses, they deserve to loose their houses.

If the economy goes to hell, then the people who loose their jobs deserve to loose their jobs.

And it will all start with the manufacturing jobs. The over-paid, under-worked morons who insert bolt 'A' into hole 'B', then go on strike so that they can pay nothing for Viagra.

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

At least you're consistent, unlike so many so-called conservatives who see everything wrong with the government helping individuals, but see nothing wrong with the government bailing out billionaires.

I am a conservative, as are almost all my friends, family, etc, and NOT ONE thinks the bailout is a good idea. Nothing quite like a blanket statement that couldn't be further from the truth huh?

I don't want the bailout too. I want the banks to fail, teach them a lesson they won't repeat again. Bail them out the will be back to risky behavior in just a year or two.

Can the "banks" be allowed to collapse when the banking community is so globally entwined?

What happens here effects markets around the globe and vice versa.

If our banks were to collapse en-mass, the result would be a global meltdown.

How many country's would or could possibly call in the markers we have round the world.

The big question is: Who or what determines what people deserve?

Mortgage sellers and holders have been living fast and loose for too long. America's economy depends on lending and borrowing . How did that happen ? It was not always that way.

...that will be able to support the 100 million citizens we can under such a system.

Old South End Broadway

Been there, done that.

Partisan comments flying all around.

Maybe a deep breath, cop a walk, have a coke and a walk on the nice early fall days.

And now a public service message about the value of not being seen.


from a personal perspective, I can understand the need to post anonymously as posters here get a big kick out of trying to intimidate me because they know who I am. I don't remember posting my real name but I think I was outed by a poster. Because politics and religion are such volatile subjects and some of the posters are predators if I could go back, I would become anonymous, just from a safety aspect as far as my children and family are concerned.

Because I believe in what I say, because I am strong in who I am, because I try to be an agent of change, because I have people who look up to me, because speaking truth to power has power, because I am true to myself (and therefore true to everyone else) because maybe my words can strengthen someone elses words, I continue to post here.

I don't know what is going on with you and "People like Pink" but I am in total agreement with him/her.

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