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Now you can get links to the Ohio Secretary of State deadlines as well as keep up with what is going on with Jon Stainbrook all at one site! I want to introduce

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You just declared war...

We don't remember days only moments...

the run in with Troy brought back bad memories and since the Blade thinks it is newsworthy to run a 3000+ word piece on Jon, I thought, why not jump on the bandwagon? Besides, some people go to the bar and shell out $20; I make Web sites. This one happens to be about a public person that will aggregate all of the public information about him in a nice, visually pleasing way.

that you have proven, with the 'launch' of this website, never mind the name of this website, that running for any serious public office in the future in any way, shape or form is something you're just not quite ready to undergo.

Seriously, you have some growing up to do. If Jon Stainbrook is such the self-destructive individual you claim him to be, and he may well be just that, why the need to create such a juvenile venture as a site such as this, with a name such as this?

The daily paper comes out with an article about him and you feel the need to 'retaliate' in a manner befitting a sullen teenager?

Pathetic. Why don't you just dis him on your Facebook page and take him off your 'friends' list?

enjoy it for what it is, an entertaining read.

I think it's great to see what Chris has been doing with his free time, looks nice, well done.

It's been predicted, well documented, and researched and linked to death about Jon's inevitable running the LCRP into the ground and public humiliation with his tragic line of failures.

This propjob is just another showcase by the Democrat Supporter Block. Read it for what it is, something other than the Parade to read while you're taking your morning shit.

All we need is time and we can re-focus our energies on those that were Toledo City Councilpeople in 2002, right fellas?


lecture coming from you McCaskey is quite humorous. You are making a lot of assumptions in your statement.

As I mentioned above, it was the run in with Troy that gave me the idea. I just tossed the Blade article in there.

Jon is not on my facebook friend list. Are you sure you have the right Chris Myers?

but really, have you ever considered the tactic of staying above the fray and out of the muck and simply biding your time in a mature, grownup fashion while waiting for your 'arch-nemesis' to self-destruct, as there appears sufficient evidence he would do just that?

Slinging mud and acting like a petulant child every time this individual gets some publicity, good or bad, strikes me as the type of person who is in fact more like Jon Stainbrook than he would otherwise care to admit and someone who could use some standard-issue lessons in self-control.

Where have I done that? That means I make up false stuff to dirty Jon? I really don't have to do any of that, Jon does a great job of splashing around mud. I am just taking photos of it, and now people can watch it all at one place. You even forgot to mention my public service of posting Ohio Secretary of State deadlines.

You are making too many assumptions and you are assuming that Jon is the only person I think deserving of a site like that....stay tuned. I have another site in the works.

It takes a lot of self control to make a good web site and to tolerate comments and postings that I don't like, so again, your hypothesis on my personality is wrong again. Nice try though.

BTW I used sucks for a particular reason, not because I like using it.

should I be running out and buying "" before you do?



We don't remember days only moments...

you are assuming it is still available :) I will make sure to give your site a nice pretty look too.

You should know me well enough to know I checked before I posted.


I'm probably one of the few people that understands the temptation as well as the frustration of doing what you are doing here. I get crap all the time from people who aren't paying for the domain nor investing the hours that it takes to run a site. Then the phone calls, death threats, and the other assorted drama for just running a blog site, when my daughter got harassed it did make me angry. The fact that some asshat felt that my blogging gave him the right to invade my personal privacy and call my daughter a horrid name because he thought she was me? It makes you really wonder...

When you see people get away with things that you feel is not right, each of us have our limit of when they say enough is enough.

I don't regret Glass City Jungle, just as I know you don't regret SwampBubbles, and I don't think either one of us wants parades and flowers, but it is your site and you have the right to do with it whatever you want. If people really take issue with it, they can always start their own site. .

We don't remember days only moments... is available and is available for the taking if anyone is interested. Let me know when you have it up and I will link to it too :) Just make it look as nice as I made Jon's site look.

Being the Internet terrorist that I am, my limit is a little higher than most on the Blog'o'sphere and I don't hesitate saying when I think something is not right.

But I am appreciative and jealous of the work you do on GlassCityJungle as well as what JR does on ToledoTalk. At times you wonder if it is worth it or not, but it is. I am glad that in Northwest Ohio we have developed such a rich and well run suite of homegrown sites.

don't like it ?

get your own.

So who gets to edit YOUR posts for "fairness" and "balance"?

People like Pink Slip

Pink Slip

you like to say to make it fair?
2 hrs later - still waiting on how I can make it fair? Is this mic on?

   accuracy -  He is  getting out the 'rest of the story' .   Pink , notice he didn't delete your polling post , or mine. He could have deleted them like a local newspaper does .    He put our polling stories in perspective with another poll .    Every newspaper does this with its stories.    You and I could battle with our competing  posts ,  completely contradicting each other on almost every post .  I like his approach better.  It is easier on the senses . 

Some of us sit on the sofa and spend our lives complaining constantly about how screwed up our government and politicians are. Yet most do absolutely nothing to become informed let alone do something about it.

Some will even take that extra step to become well informed about which politicians are crooked and which ones are not yet they still sit idle and DO NOTHING!

Then there are those very few like Chris and some other frequent visitors here that actually do something to help improve the system by publishing well researched accurate facts. I can't say I agree with all those opinions but if they are based on facts and not just name calling I respect them.

This really sounds like is an impressive undertaking because you can't imagine how much work this involves especially if you want it accurate. It could be a great resource for those who want to learn about one local politician that was ousted from politics then got back in somehow and is showing everyone that he is completely incompetent to run the party or the BOE and should be ousted again.

The conclusion that JonStainbrookSucks is worthless without well researched accurate facts to support it. Gathering those facts takes an immense amount of time and effort. And, if its done well it is a resource to others who may form their own opinion and then actually get off the couch and do something about it. So its the publishing of facts that is of great value. The presentation in a humorous format should just makes it more enjoyable to read I think.

For those of you that don't know Stainbrook I suggest you enlighten yourself by reading Chris's work and then you too will come to the irrefutable conclusion that Stainbrook does indeed Suck. And when you reach that conclusion don't stop. Tell a friends the real facts about who is screwing up the BOE and the LCRP, maybe sign a petition like the one to remove Stainbrook and Gallagher, help those that are trying to wrestle party control from Stainbrook and the Manson girls. Or maybe you come to the opposite conclusion that Stainbrook doesn't suck but quite the opposite; he blows. In that case explain how the facts lead you to that conclusion but still act on it and become involved. Its our community so let's take charge and start kicking out the scum.

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