Do you think Swampbubbles offers fair and balanced postings concerning political candidates?

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 has posters going bonkers.   Palin wigs and glasses ,  Obama  paper dolls,  all this stuff should be on a sub-group.

   And many of  the politcal postings mirror the tv ads-  slanted and biased.

but it just seems to be following the trends of all other election cycle blogs. I mean, isn't voicing slanted and biased articles in an effort to sway your opponents opinion really what elections are all about.? If I can convince PinkSlip that McCain is the right person for the job then "Mission Accomplished". If PinkSlip can convince LCBM that Barack Hussien Obama is the right person for the job then he can claim "Mission Accomplished." In reality, nothing said here is going to sway those opinions and just provides for spirited debate. I'm Lovin It!

- Just the KAT, thinking out loud again.

If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth. ~Japanese Proverb

Possibly folks could make better use of the 'groups' out there, and maybe Chris could put in more vigorous 'ignore' features - ones where posters arent even visible if you dont want them to be.

I know Ive got a couple on my list, and Ive also been told by a couple folks that Im on their ignore list, and it works fine - Ive got absolutely no hard feelings if certain folks dont care what Ive got to say, not a wink of lost sleep, and Im sure the one's Im ignoring arent hurt because I dont jump in on their comments.

It's like the radio - you dont like it, turn the channel and stop whining.

and is much more preferable to the site administrator editing and altering people's posts to fit his own unique ideal of what 'fairness' is.

it sounds like a plan.

Perhaps YOU and the PinkSlit should start your own site.

You two deserve each other.

but I don't need an ignore 'button.' I can do that entirely on my own.

Yes, you can do it on your own.

He seriously needs to go back into his glass house and pipe down.

this is the same guy?

It would be a real three ring circus.

I can see it now -
Billyboy, McASSkey and PinkSlit.

Another Larry, Moe and Curly.

Must be the same person. Well, now all of SB posters can match a username with a face.

Thanks, Billy.

he uses the "lone ranger" as well

he's creative like that

but yep, that's the name on the emails I get from him.

and in fairness, this is me

If it was merely one person posting what he or she wanted, then there would be some one sided comments, especially if there was not a free exchange of ideas, pro and con.