Balanced: McCain taxes on middle class or Tax credits at heart of McCain's health care proposal

Since PinkSlip is incapable of being fair, this is what will now happen on postings that get out of control. I will force fairness by taking them over and putting in both sides of the debate, so you can decide what you want about the post. Unlike others on this site, I am not afraid of you seeing both sides of the debate.
From PInkSlip:

"This comes from the Kaiser Foundation evaluation of the McCain and Barack Obama health plans. It says McCain would "reform the tax code to eliminate the exclusion of the value of health insurance plans offered by employers from workers' taxable income."

The value of the typical plan provided by an employer to a family is $12,106, of which the employer pays $8,824, and the worker pays the remaining $3,282. The median household income is $44,389, which places most American families in the 15 percent income tax bracket.
McCain wants to add the employer's cost -- an additional $8,824 -- to that middle class family's income, then tax it. The hit to the average family is 15 percent of the McCain-added income -- $1,323 more in income taxes.

This new tax would affect the 158 million Americans who are insured through their employer. Right now you should be yelling, "What?" And demanding to know why you haven't heard about this before. That is because the media keeps focusing on McCain's proposed health care tax credits -- $5,000 for families and $2,500 for individuals." (cont.)

Fair and Balanced: Tax credits at heart of McCain's health care proposal

A tax credit to help individuals and families buy health insurance is at the heart of a health care proposal Sen. John McCain unveiled Tuesday.

The credits will spark greater competition among insurance providers and put "individuals and families back in charge," the presumptive Republican presidential nominee said during a speech in Tampa, Florida.

"Millions of Americans would be making their own health care choices again," McCain said. "Insurance companies could no longer take your business for granted, offering narrow plans with escalating costs."

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$12,106 at 15% tax rate = $1816 in additional taxes owed before the tax credit.

($5000 tax credit for having insurance) - ($1816 income taxes) = $3184 in tax savings

Did this author completely forget about 3rd grade math? If the tax credit is more than the increase in taxable income taxed at the marginal rate, then the taxpayer pays less in taxes yearly. It's not that hard.

HeyHey, McCain's tax credits only go to those that buy insurance on their own------not employer-based insurance (which is by far, a greater number of people).

People like Pink Slip

Pink Slip

Why the heck is Pink Slip being singled out? I am struggling to find out why Slip's posts are quite vociferously being mentioned as a reason to develop a "fairness" policy, when his, although leftist in leaning, are usually pretty-well thought out and documented. And surely no more unbalanced than a host of others who regularly post poorly-developed, right-slanting "news".

PinkSlip, who posts more on the site than the others you are referring to, with a higher number of one sided posts, is worth mentioning because that user is a good example. Once another user posts the same number of articles in the same way, then they will be mentioned too.

You have become completely full of shit.

You and Pink got into it on a personal level some time ago, he called you a 'failed politico' and now you're extracting your pound of flesh. And that's all there is to this story.

However an asshat Jon Stainbrook may or may not be, you're matching him step for step.

How many 'balanced' posts have we had one here about Carty Finkbeiner? Stainbrook? John Block and The Blade? Toledo Public Schools? The smoking ban?

You let slide the continual personal-issues-driven, vulgarity-laced drivel we get on here from El Machico, BrianinFla, Darkseid and others but Pink Slip has commited the mortal sin of posting 'too many unfair' articles?

You're a complete hypocrite.

is usually a sign you have nothing more to say.

There is a difference between issues and abuse. You must be much like PinkSlip because you can't see the abuse, so much so, you start to lecture on how comments should be cleaned up, but then mistakenly realize that trashy posts also ruin a site. Oops better think before you lecture. Your reasonings for the root causes on why I am singling out pinkslip are wrong too, but that is you thoughts and not the reality as much as you want to portray it as the fact. The real reason is what I posted above, what you have so much anger for me saying, which says more about you.

The reason you are so wrong McCaskey is I let this stuff up. If you or PinkSlip had your own site you probably would yank all of this stuff down because you are so blinded by your political hate.

So now your definition of a hypocrite is very weak, but then again you started swearing and usually what comes after that is usually weak anyway.

I typed the word 'shit' and had nothing more to say?

Let's play this your way. There must be a magic number with you on unfair, unbalanced posts alloted for each poster. Poor Pink must have reached his limit.

Where do I stand? How many posts that you consider to be not within your personal political realm can I post before I get censored? Do I have three left? Maybe two?

How about everyone else? Perhaps under 'About Swampbubbles' or 'Hall of Fame' you could post a running tally for every member on where they stand 'unfair' and 'unbalanced' post-wise, and what their magic number is before having their personal thoughts altered.

Finally, I'm trying to get my head wrapped around the fact that you ran for Toledo Public School Board and now on a discussion board that you administer---but not really your personal blog-- you are, in effect, changing the content of contributions posters make to this site so that those posts fit into whatever pie-in-the-sky ideal it is that you consider to be 'fair.'

Are you running for public office again?

Your posts are eerily starting to sound like they were written by a nincompoop from Florida.

Please restrain yourself.

Get a grip on life.

McCaskey, this is what happens when someone can't compete in the marketplace of ideas. They want to censor others.

People like Pink Slip

Pink Slip

Not wanting to get involved in your little pissing contest,
but I have to ask you....
If he "can't compete in the marketplace of ideas". , then why is this the best and most innovative blog in Toledo ?

It steadily improves with his new ideas.

Do you know the real meaning of 'censor' ? If you were truly 'censored', you ass would have been shut out long ago.

I appreciate the forum you provide, chrismyers.

Although it is your website and you can do as you please, I do tend to post mostly what I consider the "conservative" side of an arguement. Therefore my posts are almost 100% one sided also.

I consider THAT to be "equal time".

I understand that most of the posters tend to be liberal, but that is because most of the people in this area are also liberal.

I disagree with the "fairness doctrine" unless it applies to all media outlets. If the "fairness doctrine" applies only to talk radio or to the internet and not other media outlets, that is not truly "fair".

Although I do not agree in principle with Pink and McCaskey, I do enjoy the free exchange of ideas. Therefore, I am afraid that allowing them to be censored, eventually all posts can be censored.

The free exchange of ideas and opinions is what keeps me coming back to

Please reconsider your point of view. And tell me/us what you would prefer we do in order to keep the 1st Amendment rights alive.

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

  d  posts about   Obama and Biden's  physical features if I can find them  .  You guys say to allow this silliness,   we'll see how far it goes.   Chris is right.  

Now that someone is yapping mindlessly about Sarah Palin and wigs, we can and SHOULD bring up Obama's deformed, Dumbo ears. Does anyone else think he can fly with those things?


THAT is the balance I am talking about.


Obama Waffles

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

Although I agree with your thought-process on most of your main post, this part I don't:

"And tell me/us what you would prefer we do in order to keep the 1st Amendment rights alive"

You don't need, I don't need, nobody else on here needs Chris Myers telling us what we need to do to keep our '1st Amendment rights alive.'

If it has come to that point, he should either close down the frigging site or we should stop coming on here, because it has changed drastically from what it was when it first started out.

We do not need his moral authority to tell us what's 'fair'.


and will be better than the one sided meals we often get here

It might be of interest to those who want to look at both plans.

We don't remember days only moments...

I provided that link in my post. Maybe it would have been easier to see if it wasn't edited.

People like Pink Slip

Pink Slip

I think it's a great link - it compares both sides.

We don't remember days only moments...

What is a one side post?

I mean most of the posts, here are news headlines from other sources.

News stories about issues that are happening now, that effect us now.

I guess to have two sided posts there were have to be a counter point to the original.

That would mean if a political item was posted about one candidate then an other post would be posted at the same time.

But isn't that what we have now? Someone posts something about a candidate and someone posts something else?

Of course, there is good dash of emotions thrown in and that is where the friction comes in.

When the elections are over and we settle to four more years of the same thing, we can look back and laugh at the back and forth, because in the end, it didn't matter all the much.

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