Palin team stocked with Bush veterans

This new team of aides and advisers brings years of experience in Republican politics, and includes many who worked for President Bush in the White House and on his two campaigns. They will bring a similarly aggressive mindset as campaign chief Steve Schmidt, also a veteran of the disciplined Bush-Cheney effort. In this, they’ll move to get off defense, a position Palin has been in since her unexpected announcement, and try to keep her on the offensive, using her to launch ever-more sharp attacks against Barack Obama and Biden—attacks that will present the challenge of responding without being labeled sexist. (cont.)

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likes pointing out the Bush people who is helping him. You yourself seemed giddy beyond belief that Powell was advising Obama. So how do you want it Pink Slip? Your blind bias is quite clear. If Joseph Stalin was your candidate you would advocate for him.

You should really get a life.

I may need to institute a fairness doctrine for this site with all of this slanted drivel.

A fairness doctrine?

For whom, exactly, and who is making the evaluation on the 'fairness' content contained in each post?

Something tells me this is going to be good.

These are news articles. Mrs Palin is an unknown, and refuses to take interviews and answer questions. I feel that it's important that people know who they're voting for (or against). Don't you? I didn't make any comments on this story at all. How do you know what my stance is? So now the Politico is "slanted"? That the first time I had heard that. Tell me, what news sites are appropriate Chris?

Pink Slip

I don't care the source, you are posting it in a way to demonstrate how McCain and Bush are the same. But in your giddiness to post this you forget the Bush people who are helping out Obama. Another irrelevant post.

It is obvious on who NC is supporting, but NC is at least being fair about it.

It is?

There is a NOTA candidate worthy of voting for?

Me thinks, there is some misunderstanding at work here.

Candidates of change from either camp? Really?

When the campaign rhetoric is more of the same?

More government, more spending, more wars, more lobbyists and on and on.

Nothing has changed and neither have the candidates and neither have the parties.

The third party candidates are an interesting thought, but Barr has still not met the media glare and uncovered what he really stands for.

We need a plurality of parties, not two entrenched, bloated, wasteful groups of people that want us to continue their employment.

What I find amusing is, that the Republicans tell us there will be less and give us more and the Democrats tell us things in vague terms and just the same give us more.

The president is not a dictator, he or she, has to work with congress and compromise, that's a word not used too much anymore.

No, I don't support either of the two candidates.

Like someone else said, the hypocrisy on both sides is obvious and will continue until we say, enough.

you are posting it in a way to demonstrate how McCain and Bush are the same

Classic. Is it the way I hit the submit button?

you forget the Bush people who are helping out Obama


Pink Slip

Powell, the former treasurer secretary and there are a few more.

Of course everyone can look for themselves:

Haha....endorsements and donations from disgruntled employees is a little different than a whole team that shares an ideology.

Pink Slip

it is the same. They obviously share Obama's ideology, that is why they are helping him. The same way former Bush officials help McCain, they don't like Obama. Again you are proving how slanted you really are by your posts and your comments.

Let's not mention how the the link proves Bush officials are helping Obama thus going back to destroying your whole point of the post.

To provide fair and balanced coverage, here are the disgruntled D's supporting McCain:

Let's not mention how the the link proves Bush officials are helping Obama thus going back to destroying your whole point of the post.

I explained already, that because Plain is such an unknown---it is imperative to learn as much about her in this short period of time we have left. That is the point of my post. It's a simple cut and paste job.

I agree with purnhrt, you're getting a little out of control with this. Do we all have to try and BALANCE our posts?

Pink Slip

Gov. Palin, this site has gotten a little out of kilter. Chris, according to "Swampbubbles".....................SwampBubbles is a user centered site dedicated to breaking news and political discussion of Toledo and Northwest Ohio. It is a fast moving, interactive and user centered Web site where you control the content. Post your news or political item, press release, write your own editorials, post your own observation, create your own polls, and allow the rest of the community to comment on it. Post it here and see if it will ignite. Stop back frequently because you never know when something will bubble up in Toledo and Northwest Ohio................................

Obviously something has "bubbled up" not only in Toledo but all over the nation. I cannot believe that you are getting upset over this discourse. I know if I can take the stuff people say about me on the blog, I know you can withstand the stuff people say about Gov. Palin, who is a big girl and can really take care of herself.

Are you serious about instituting a "fairness" doctrine and what is a fairness doctrine anyway?

From what I can figure out, it is a doctrine that says, that it is fair for people to say what they want, but, when equal time is given to opposing opinions, it is not fair to do so, offer other opinions.

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