Council tightens Toledo law on scrap-metal sales

Toledo City Council yesterday tightened the city's regulation of scrap-metal sellers and dealers in its latest attempt to reduce metal theft.

Council voted 10-0 to approve an ordinance that updates Toledo laws to incorporate Ohio's new scrap-metal regulations that go into effect tomorrow.

Council President Mark Sobczak, who presented the proposal last week, said the city licenses scrap-metal businesses while the state does not. Tighter regulations, he said, will further the city's ability to revoke the licenses of unscrupulous scrap businesses.

Councilmen Michael Ashford and Phil Copeland arrived late to the meeting and were not present for the vote.

A new state law requires sellers to prove they own items such as manhole covers, grocery carts, guardrails, grave markers, and beer kegs before a sale.

It also requires scrap-metal buyers to keep detailed records of when and from whom they bought materials, allowing police to track down metal thieves.

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