How high did your local gas price increase today.

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I thought I had a few days left to fill up before Hurricane Ike Hit the gulf. Guess I was wrong. As the price per barrel of oil drops to a several month low. Every local station in town jacked up their rates. When is this crazy roller coaster ride going to end ? I really hate paying $3-5 a tank full more because I chose the wrong hour to refuel.

Don't buy gas for the next couple days, and if you must don't fill up. I think the local stations raised prices because of the hurricane, but oil prices acually dropped today by about 4$ as it appears the hurricane will miss oil rigs and refineries. I see this correcting almos as fast as it jumped.

Oil prices are now $102.40, roughly $45 off their highs at the beginning of summer.

I don't even pay attention to the price fluctuations anymore - its too annoying. Just fill up when I need it and try to put the cost out of my mind as soon as I pay. lol