BP Oregon coker is back on - whatever that means

I don't know what it is, but it sounds important.

BP has restarted a coking unit at its 155,000 barrel per day Toledo, Ohio refinery after a turnaround that lasted approximately six weeks, a source familiar with refinery operations said on Thursday.


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BP produces Petroleum Coke -- or PetCoke -- as part of its refining process. The stuff is delivered to the Port of Toledo cargo docks where it is shipped domestically and overseas as a fuel source. Toledo Edison also uses it at their Bayshore plant

This should not be confused with the coke that will be produced at the new plant going up soon. That is a product of coal.

When I started at the port authority, they told me coke and reefer traffic were good things! That, of course, is industry lingo for petcoke and refrigerated cargo.

this will lower our fuel costs.

When we consume more than "- consumption:
20.8 million bbl/day (2005 est.)"


I think the guy down the street is running a small coking operation, and I'm sure he's into reefer. I doubt that he keeps it refrigerated. And I haven't seen any license plates from other countries, so I don't think he's shipping overseas - just domestically.

Seriously, doesn't the production of coke put mercury into the air/water?

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