Troy Neff Show: BREAKING NEWS>>>Konop Open to Idea of Running for Mayor

On his weekly segment, Ben reveals that he has an idea to run for Mayor. Do you think he would be a good candidate for Mayor?

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As Maggie pointed out on her show earlier in the week, Little Ben's use of 'grassroots' is flawed. From Wiki: "A grassroots movement (often referenced in the context of a political movement) is one driven by the constituents of a community." Nice try, though, Ben. Grassroots has a nice 'ring' to it and a 'grassroots' idea does appeal to voters, but, Ben, it's not a 'grassroots' you're trying to start. It's called 'campaigning'!

Awhile back, this kid went around to many other local politicians wanting them to sign a 'pledge' that, for one, assured the voters that they would serve out their full term. HE was the one pushing it, but now feels this pledge does not apply to him. He's tired of his job, and now wants to 'move on' and have "more control", despite his promises. As my father said to me many times "A man is only as good as his word" If he lies about this, how can anyone expect him to be honest if he wins the mayors seat?

And his 'mistake' of Pizza's name on the billboards was yet another instance of him trying to pull a fast one. Mistake my ass! He knew Pizza's name on that billboard would grab the attention of older voters, and he knew he'd have to 'cover' for it, but thought the publicity would 'pay off'. Nice try, kid.

It's high time we, the voters, start holding the politicians accountable!

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