Obama says he has more executive experience than Palin (by working on his campaign)

Fox News is reporting earlier today:
Speaking on a cable news channel Monday night, the Democratic presidential nominee said he is better prepared to handle a disaster like Hurricane Gustav because of his pursuit of the White House.

“Well, my understanding is that Governor Palin’s town of Wasilla has, I think, 50 employees. We’ve got 2,500 in this campaign. I think their budget is maybe $12 million a year. You know, we have a budget of about three times that just for the month. So I think that our ability to manage large systems and to execute I think has been made clear over the last couple of years,” Obama said.

and ----

Republican National Committee Victory 2008 Chairwoman Carly Fiorina also blasted the Democratic campaign.

“I am appalled by the Obama campaign’s attempts to belittle Governor Sarah Palin’s experience. The facts are that Sarah Palin has made more executive decisions as a mayor and governor than Barack Obama has made in his life,” Fiorina said, adding that the Obama camp’s attacks raise the question of sexism.


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Sarah Palin: "I don’t even know what the Vice President does."

Republican VP candidate and Alaska Governor Sarah Palin told Larry Kudlow less than two months ago that she can’t answer whether or not she would accept the VP offer because she has no idea what the Vice President does.

video: http://www.crooksandliars.com/2008/08/29/sarah-palin-july-2008-i-dont-ev...


Campbell Brown: "Can you just tell me one decision that she made as commander in chief of the Alaska National Guard. Just one."

A terrific interview, especially the focus on Sarah Palin's lack of any interest, let alone experience, in foreign policy. Tucker Bounds is simply unable to defend this pick. And that's not because he isn't good at what he does. It's because no one can defend it.

video: http://www.cnn.com/video/#/video/politics/2008/09/01/brown.tucker.bounds...

Please tell me you're joking and that you are actually intelligent enough to recognize sarcasm.

Whose joking?

Well, so much for the hope you were joking. That only leaves one possibility.......unfortunate.

whose joking?

Are you? Is it her pro-American values that have you all riled up in her favor? Or is it her strong "family values"? Wait... maybe it's her squeaky clean scandal-free record?

I'm doing quite well, far from unfortunate and not worried about November.

McCain/Palin should pound Obama/Biden on this interview. That may be the least intelligent statement I've heard Obama utter. First off, did Obama forget that Palin is the GOVERNOR of Alaska? Why is he referring to her as a mayor? Does he want McCain to refer to him as a State Senator? He's either blatantly deceiving the American populace, or he has a mental block that refuses to accept women can hold offices of power above that of mayor. Secondly, did he honestly, and with a straight face, use running an election as proof that he is ready to run a country of 305,000,000 people? Especially when the state of Alaska has an operating budget of $11.2 billion and employees thousands upon thousands of people.

This episode requires one to believe that Obama is either:
1. Delusional
2. A liar
3. Brainless

I hope he keeps doing this. VP's are the bottom of the ticket, It is still Obama vs. McCain. The more they attack Palin like this , the more it will backfire.

Anybody happen to see anybody other than a sea of old, white men with sprinkled women at the Republican Convention last night? I was playing Where's Waldo with my wife last night in trying to identify some diversity, but dammit, I was only able to find two African-American women, one of which stood up with the McCain family when Fred Thompson asked the McCain family to stand (who knew John had an African-American daughter?).

his daughter is adopted from Bangladesh (specifically from Mother Theresa's orphanage).


I saw more than what you say, but I also don't specifically go looking at the race of people either.

Way to show off your knowledge and concern for diversity!

Obama 50% McCain 42% This is after Americans starting vetting the former beauty queen.

Pink Slip

I know I keep harping on this, but show some intellectual honesty. These polls were expected (and are partly disappointing) since the Democratic Convention ended. It's called the "Post-Convention Bump," and historically speaking it is one of the smallest bumps in decades. This has very little to do with the Palin announcemnt, and you'll see a very similar bump for McCain next week because his convention will be over.


This poll was done after the weekend---after some of the details of Palin's "experience" came out. It came out after you posted this poll.

Pink Slip


BTW, I put close to zero stock in national polls until late Sept.-early Oct. And besides, national polls are far less relevant than state-by-state ones, especially the top 15 or so that are really going to decide this election.

as a followup, I believe Obama has to win either Ohio or Florida to win the election. He can't lose both.

I think, in the end, this election can be almost as close as 2000. One key state determines the winner. In that regard, I suppose it's the same as 2004, but I think the actual vote count will be closer to 2000.

you should not have had to be looking at the races of people because it was starkly clear to me (a black person) that my people were not there. I would have expected for the Republicans to at least pay some black people to attend. :=) Maybe tonight it will be different..

2% of the Republican delegates were African-American, compared to 24% of delegates at the Democratic convention

Pink Slip

I did not see or hear the sarcasm supposedly displayed by Ms. Palin. No one is attacking Ms. Palin, she is imploding! Can't wait for the speech tonight, I guess we will see her self avowed "redneck" future son-in-law, Bristol's baby daddy.

For that matter, why aren't more Michiganders Republicans?

From the Jackson County, MI website:

Birthplace of the Republican Party - "Under the Oaks"
On July 6, 1854, a state convention of anti-slavery men was held in Jackson to found a new political party. "Uncle Tom's Cabin" had been published two years earlier, causing increased resentment against slavery, and the Kansas-Nebraska Act of May, 1854, threatened to make slave states out of previously free territories. Since the convention day was hot and the huge crowd could not be accommodated in the hall, the meeting adjourned to an oak grove on "Morgan's Forty" on the outskirts of town. Here a state-wide slate of candidates was selected and the Republican Party was born. Winning an overwhelming victory in the elections of 1854, the Republican party went on to dominate national parties throughout the nineteenth century."

I often wonder why the Black community supports Democrats considering, before the Civil War, Democrats supported slavery.


Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

supports Democrats. I can only speak for one black person. I am an Independent, so I vote for the person (platform) not the party.

I am voting Obama/Biden because we need a change, not more of the same. We are in a war that we should not be in based on a lie. I am worse off today than I was 4 or 8 years ago. As a matter of fact, I am worse off today than I was yesterday!

I believe Obama/Biden, along with the American people, will put America on the road to recovery. Politicians are politicians, regardless of what party they belong to. The money being spent in Iraq should be spent here in America to rebuild the infrastructure. I want a president that will talk with other world leaders from a position of power yet not as a bully.

I am sick of the rich getting rich and the poor getting poorer. The Republicans are like a mixed up RobinHood, taking from the poor and giving to the rich. Farm Subsidies are welfare too. Poor people are encouraged to take welfare by the Republicans and then are castigated when they do. Just like subsidizing farms is encouraged by more money.

McCain promises much but he is full of it. I am against specifically this Republican, John McCain(Bush) because of his moralistic, conservative stances. His POW status is in the past, just like veterans of the Vietnam war are told to get over it (in many ways) he needs to get over it. I know plenty of Vietnam Vets who lived, fought and died in horror. The Vietnam War was my generation's war.

The specificity of of my not even considering a vote for McCain is the way in which he treated his first wife. He is just another man sniffing after a younger woman. If you would treat the mother of your children the way that he treated his first wife under the horrific circumstances that she was enduring is not someone I would want to lead my country.

Food for thought, maybe?

When you say you are "worse off today than I was 4 or 8 years ago. As a matter of fact, I am worse off today than I was yesterday!"

Could it possibly be because you live in Toledo, OH? A town that is run by a maniac who is so STUPID that he misses his City Budget BY OVER $2 MILLION DOLLARS and still has 1/3 of the year to go?

Is it possible that Toledo has tried to hold on to the auto industry too long and has been caught with it's pants down now that the price of gas makes American cars un-sellable?

Could it be that the cost of trying to run a business in Toledo is too expensive so jobs, like manufacturing, are moving out?

Could it be that the people who run Toledo, who live in Toledo, who were elected by Toledo are running the city into the ground?

Or do you truly think that President Bush has selected Toledo and the rest of the rust belt as the red-headed stepchild while North and South Carolina, Arizona, Texas, Utah, Georgia, Nevada etc. are experiencing DOUBLE-DIGIT job growth?

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

and he really got me going. I was caught up in the rapture of his words until I realized who he was talking about, a womanizer and who was talking, another womanizer. In order to be a womanizer you must be a liar. These two men lied to the woman that they vowed to love and honor. Then they turned around and said, "oh honey, I have to work late at the office," while romancin' another woman.

Anyone who would do that would lie, lie and lie some more. Who wants a liar as the leader of this country. I don't.

Listening to Palin now, Obama got them to step up their game!!!!

Obama/O'biden 08

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