Emotions flying high as China, others profit from sending U.S. flags here

As Sept. 11 approaches, many Americans will remember the day this country was attacked by terrorists by keeping the U.S. flag in their hearts and flying it at their homes.

But in a great irony, if you don't check the label carefully, you may find that the symbol of freedom waving in front of your house was made in a communist-run country, China.

In a further twist, U.S. flags made in China started arriving in America in the weeks following Sept. 11, 2001.

"China made inroads because people wanted to fly the flag," said Janice Christiansen, president of FlagSource, a large flag manufacturer based in Batavia, Ill.

"We couldn't supply enough flags, and the Chinese saw it as golden opportunity," said Debbie Russell, vice president of C.F. Flag Co., of Huntsville, Ala., another major U.S.-based flag maker.


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