Palin is a win for McCain

Last night, before I went on Eye on Toledo, I was worried about what there was to talk about. Friday was a dull news day locally , other topics seemed well talked out, it was a Friday before a major holiday and I thought people would be making plans to be out and about, so I wondered how the show was going to be and thought I would have to do a lot of talking. Little did I know that McCain's VP pick would produce so many calls. I had prepared a show talking about the convention, the officially certified dunce Jon Stainbrook, Marcy Kaptur's manufacturing ideas, and a few other smaller topics, but I did not get to any of them, because people were calling up talking about Palin as the VP choice. I was surprised that the calls kept coming in during the full hour. That coupled with the interest on this site and the other local sites by watching comments and the read counts, I think McCain's gamble paid off and it appears that she will make the biggest impact any VP candidate could. Could she help get conservatives back into the fold or more interested in the race? Probably so. I am not a big McCain fan because when I see him I think of McCain Fiengold and that always tosses cold water on an feelings I may have for him. But Sarah does seem to be a candidate going after my heart, so I think it was a good choice for McCain.

The fact of the matter is Obama is in trouble. For the amount of positive media coverage he has, and for him to be tied with McCain is really an insult to Obama. There should be no way Obama is where he is, which means for those who think Obama will run away with it, don't be surprised if he will be going back to IL in January.

And for the D's to insult Palin for being a mayor of a city that has a population of 9,000 is a blunder on gigantic proportions because this is the exact the group that Obama says he wants to court. For the Democrats to use their power to highlight she came from a small town makes the rural voters feel closer to her, and for them to disparage someone from a small town does nothing but will drive those small towns toward Palin/McCain. Heck most elected officials from small towns are better public servants than the bloated pigs from large cities. Good job D's for being idiots and not thinking before you speak.

Another issue was how Palin sounded. Yesterday she truly sounded excited and wanting to be there in a refreshing way that has not been heard on the presidential trail. All of these candidates are so well groomed and the talking styles so rehearsed, that for Palin to sound like she was talking from the heart, sounded refreshing. I have yet to see any video of her talking, but it was amazing that she sounded so sincere. I say that with a bit of sorrow.

If Palin was a gamble, McCain has struck gold. It deflated Obama's speech like a nail in the tire and the conversation clearly turned toward Palin McCain. That and what appears to be a grab at the Clinton D supporters and the refreshing perspective she will bring appears to be a winning combination. Time will tell if the winnings will be short or long term. It is possible this may be what is needed to get seal the deal. It will be interesting to watch the next two months.

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you have got to be kidding! (how do you put one of those smiley faces in?)

rich text then they are there.

has supplied a new talking point on this topic, LOL:

Good looking family on the cover of People Magazine and it all seems pretty Brady Bunchish but I am not sure that with the trouble that we are in, these two families can pull us out.

Like this, with private sector investment?

Investors to plug $11M into solar firm
Private financing to aid production

"Less than a week after solar-panel start-up Xunlight Corp. got a large infusion of public money, it has received another vote of confidence from the private sector.

A group of venture capital funds, led by Amsterdam-based Rabo Ventures, will provide $11 million to help the firm expand from trial production to full-scale manufacturing of flexible, lightweight solar panels at its plant and research center on Nebraska Avenue in Toledo, the company announced yesterday.

Executives have said they hope to begin deliveries to customers by the middle of next year."

Smileof this pick. It is bold. He is putting his stamp on the Republican party. Palin is the candidate of the future. If they win, then she could be prez in 4 years.

In the hopes that the 70+ year old Liberal scumbag in Republican clothing kicks the bucket and makes a REAL conservative president.

McCain has been in bed too may times with Democrats for me to trust him.

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

It looks like the Palin pick may have killed any convention bounce for Obama. Here's the latest Zogby poll and the first to have been completed after the accouncement of Palin as McCain's running mate.

McCain/Palin: 47%

Obviously, one poll doesn't conclusively say anything. However, with the Republican convention still upcoming things continue to look promising for McCain/Palin.




'I used to have compassion, but they taxed it and legislated it out of existence.'

Brings in the Evangelical vote and Christian Conservatives concerned with McCain's personal back ground and his stance of social issues, which do not always jibe with the philosophy.

She has stances that are in line with the religious right and yet the party calls for less government and less intrusion into people's life's and yet at the same time, there are calls to regulate personal issues and personal choices.

another pregnant 17 year old! Has McCain lost his mind? Not the fact that a child makes mistakes, but if you aren't running your household, how do you expect to run the country, being one heartbeat away from the presidency?

Palin is a mom who needs to be home with her family. Of all of the women that McCain could have picked why did he pick one with so much baggage? Astounding!!

Palin wasn't vetted... this is going to get more and more Jerry Springer everyday. It would be funny except that there is a good chance she'll president if McCain is elected...

Also it's kind of strange...she gave her daughter a choice to keep the baby...

"We're proud of Bristol's decision to have her baby," she and her husband said in a statement.

What? It's ok for her daughter to have a choice whether to keep the pregnancy, but it's not ok for every other woman out there....

True Republican...they have rules for themselves and they have rules for everyone else... "Live like I say, not as I do..."

Indeed. This is a real hoot.

The 'family values' party has it's VP candidate with a 17-year-old pregnant daughter. Sounds like mom and dad might have been a little lax on the sex ed discussions. They don't have condoms up there in the north country?

No kidding. And, as has been pointed out elsewhere, this is alot more about John McCain than anything else.

From the beginning, this choice of Palin was a cynical, calculated ploy to attract out-of-touch soccer moms, pissed off Hillary supporters and anyone else, mostly women, who would be falling all over themselves and distracted enough by the pretty family pictures in People magazine to overlook a resume that hardly qualifies her to be a step away from assuming duties from a 72-year-old President.

and McCain and his staff were made aware of the pregnancy, as I heard on a report on NPR this after noon on the way home from work.

It now seems she was possibly not properly vetted.

McCain economics trumped by Palin's daughter's pregnancy -- for today

Is McCain worried that Palin's daughter's pregnancy will create bad press for the campaign?
"[The Palins] "are being supportive of her and the man she will marry... This is a young woman. She's 17 years old. This is the governor's daughter and it is their issue."

When was Mr. Holtz-Eakin made aware of the pregnancy?
"It doesn't matter when I became aware... I think what we ought to do is recognize that the governor was fully vetted by the campaign."

On his MySpace page, Johnston boasts, "I'm a f - - -in' redneck" who likes to snowboard and ride dirt bikes.

"But I live to play hockey. I like to go camping and hang out with the boys, do some fishing, shoot some s- - - and just f - - -in' chillin' I guess."

"Ya f - - - with me I'll kick [your] ass," he added.

He also claims to be "in a relationship," but states, "I don't want kids."

Quite a catch...I wish her luck.

He's a teenager. That sounds about what most teenage boys would write about themselves.

Would you expect for him to say that he wanted kids now?




No, but I can't see me allowing my high school sons (when they get older) to have a web site with that kind of language, but that's just me.

Then again, I'm not raising a "redneck". If I were, I guess I'd set the bar lower.

I was excited to see him choose a woman VP.
That was before I knew she was against a woman's right to choose and anti gay.

I am afraid that maybe this time around there just isn't a candidate that I can feel good about voting for.

I believe McCain picked Palin as a way to try to get the upset Clinton supporters and women to vote for him.

In addition he waited until the day after the democratic convention to announce his pick, to try to take some of the focus from Obama.

While that tactic may have appeared to work for now, I don't think that McCain is going to win the election. It will be very close, but I don't think he will win.

In fact, I think the only way that he will win, is if people are not able to look past Obama being an African-American.

And if this is the will be a very sad day and I fear that America, will revert backwards into the 60's instead of improving in race relations.

In regard to Palin's 17 yr. old daughter being pregnant...I personally believe that children of the candidates should be off limits. Not to mention, ALL of us make mistakes. And I believe that we can all be truthful and say that our children have done things that we may not have agreed with.

No one is perfect...he who is without sin, may be the first one to throw a stone.

When you enter the political arena, all cards are on the table, and you willingly put your family out there when you agree to pursue something like that -- that's not necessarily how it should be, but that's how it is, and she should have known that in making her decision. I think its' absolutely terrible that her daughter has to play this out in the public arena, but if her mom was prepared to preach morality to American families as a politician, then her mom, and unfortunately the daughter, will have to be prepared to take it. This is why morality shouldn't be preached by social conservative politicians; you better be a pristine example of what you preach.

It would be nice if the candidates children could stay off limits, but I don't think that's possible these days. If the media didn't take the stories and run with them, then the blogosphere would.

This is why some of the best and brightest citizens don't run for public office. All families have some skeletons in the closet, and many people would never want to subject their family to that sort of scrutiny.

Its not even a partisan thing...we all know that the Obama family has had some unfair treatment from the media and blogosphere too.

This Presidential campaign is starting to seem less and less about the actual politics, and more about the "scandal of the moment" on either side. Ugh.

It's becoming quite obvious the Republican nominee for President rushed this very important selection through the process. Yep, the 'big experience' edge over Obama is, paying off in spades.

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