Well, the mayor has his sacrificial lambs"" for ESM.

Paul Ringlein, the city's facilities administrator; Andrew Ferrara, a city economic development specialist, and Ken Neidert, commissioner of the division of fleet and facility operations - are now facing possible suspensions without pay.

An investigation by the mayor's staff faulted the three men for mishandling the renovations.

"When you are told to get things done, there are still certain policies. You get approval and they did not do that," Robert Reinbolt, chief of staff for Mayor Carty Finkbeiner, said last night.

This should not only stave off the bitching and whining from the union guys for being blown off by Carty, it should also show that the loyalty and dedication you may have thought you gave the city for all those years could get you fucked because one douchebag dosen't want some failed legacy and you're the closest guy.

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Erie Street Market renovations will exceed $100,000 - $20,000 more than the Finkbeiner administration previously reported and $60,000 more than originally intended to make the city-owned building ready for concerts.

This doesn't change the fact that this was all done under cloak and dagger, without the city's workers, and paid for with Micro-payments by the mayor to skirt the rule that's supposed to limit his spending. So it was supposed to cost $40k? That's still over the $10k spending limit! And when it ballooned to $80k, he still continued to skirt the rule. And now it's $100k?!!! They mayor's office can try to blame these 3 men all they want, but he had to write the checks, and when it came to be that things were looking more costly than he imagined, he could have put the full stop on. Instead, he went through with it, and now that he's caught with his pants around his ankles, he's trying to point at someone else.

So 3 lackeys are going to be suspended for a total of 9 days, and that's supposed to make things all better? HELL NO.

So it is not gonna cost us as much.... I am fine with the suspenions. If these 3 losers stood up to the mayor and told him No Mr. Mayor what your doing is wrong. Maybe they would not be facing this.

Angrysage says: I am fine with the suspenions. If these 3 losers stood up to the mayor and told him No Mr. Mayor what your doing is wrong. Maybe they would not be facing this.

Yeah, what they would be facing is the unemployment line. They should not be suspended.

Let's place the blame where it belongs, with the Mayor!

And, when and if the Mayor is on the air waves, he will be asked out his responsibility with the matter?

"when and if the Mayor is on the air waves, he will be asked out his responsibility with the matter?"

TV will be the only possibility there - the Mayoron wont go on WSPD, and that's too hardball a question for Neff to ask.

I will ask the Mayor about his responsibility. We are working on another interview for tomorrow that I hope will shed some light on the possible suspensions. The Mayor may come on at anytime but is next scheduled for next Thursday.

Billy, why do you think the Mayor should go on WSPD when they refer to him as a pant load? And that's the nicest thing they say. Both Carty and WSPD have carried on like little kids.


Believe it or not I dont listen to SPD as much as all the libs out here would believe, and havent heard that one.

I do think pant load is pretty much spot on as a descriptor tho. The man's an embarrassment and a flat out liar.

My guess is that the Mayor will be high as a kite, what with a presidential candidate coming to Toledo and will dodge and weave any question that has any thing to do with any other than that he got a presidential candidate to come to Toledo.

Mean while, in the world that we live in, the city fails to maintain a forfeited house that is not a source of pride in our neighborhoods, at 3280 Collingwood, that has been reported well over a month ago.

While he's giggling like a little kid about the presidential candidate, why ask him, what steps he is taking to revitalize our neighborhoods, mostly boarding and then tearing down the vacant homes and leaving empty lots in the wake of the demolition crews.

The mayor's answer......well Troy, there were mistakes made on that project and Theresa Gabriel and Bob Reinbolt investigated and have handled the matter to my satisfaction, now some radio stations and council people are using this to bolster thier ratings and political future. The ESM has drawn people from all over the country for the recent concerts and we have made money, I will not apologize for that, or for the fact that I am moving this city forward with the ESM, the marina district , and southwyck.

Any statement I make is the opinion of me exercising my first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and is generally permitted.

I live in Florida and have nothing to gain and I can clearly see the direction this series of events has escalated into this fiscal travesty.

Altho I am relieved that you are satisfied with this "investigation", there are events which occured that directly involve Carty's actions that need to be held accountable.

And what was the "profit" from that last concert? it cost more to paint over the mural than what the city made off that one concert.

gonna need to run a lot of electricity to power the concerts for the city to make it's $72,000...

how rarely people answer you back ?

Re-read your posts.

They hardly make sense, do not flow, and are thereby 'non-sensical'.

My suggestion ? - Quit pulling weeds and go back to school.

this blog is nothing like a city vehicle

you just don't show up here shitfaced, jump in and take off

you got to read the content and absorb it's meaning, and considering who you are, being sober isn't easy for you

so it's understandable why you had problems comprehending it

now just try reading it again sober, you'll do just fine.

in case you missed it, a bunch of people leave comments behind that don't get replied upon.

so let's not start trolling again, ok?

One can hardly read these local TOLEDO blogs without seeing some outrageous commentary from a nitwit in another community 3000 miles away.

Read the comments in GCJ about "dirty sanchez" . Then look at the posted time. Then look at the humble apology to Lisa in the morning. Tell me YOU were not shitfaced. It happens on a regular basis with you.

I happen to know a family named Sanchez here in Toledo that was particularily offended by your drunken slur on their family name. An apology is in order.

There is a new street term in Galena. After the thugs rob someone, they give them a 'Dirty Max'.

try reading the map sober next time

You are talking shit from years gone by.
Personally, I do not drink.

I think that YOU may have a drinking problem, however.

You are an annoyance to some local posters. They see you "comming" a mile away.

you're both gonna get bounced again if this keeps up. Big Brother's watching. It's not worth it.

the threads and focus on the topic and just avoid posting those juvenile antagonizing comments!.

you'd think as quiet as it's been since the "El Moron Sabbatical" and the posting I have done should be a clear example who the trouble maker is here.

But if Chris choses to "ban" me because I'm responding to this drunken douchebag's comments, then so be it.

you are right.
He is not worth it.

I just can't figure out why someone would move 1500 miles away and yet get up every day at 5 a.m. and try to become involved in Toledo affairs.

It's like driving a car looking in the rear view mirror your whole life long.

I have to admit, though. I do it for the humor element.

Try to keep most everyone entertained.

This guy give sooooooooo much material to work with.


funniest thing I've seen since reading the paper about some jackbag that got fired for showing up to a freebie city job drunk at 7 in the morning and drove right out onto the street without a care in the world with a BAC above .08....

THAT was hilarious

Hey Gary? You're better off just not worrying about what I post, when I post and who I post about, it's not your job.

your job was to drive a truck and fix signs and you've shown you're not remotely responsible or qualified for that and you think you can tell me what to do?

that also is hilarious

but you didn't answer my question

how much alcohol does one need to drink to show up to work the next morning for work legally drunk?

what you meant was "do not drink" so your probation officer that reads these sites dosen't get any ideas, huh? lol



I'm going to suggest at this moment that you would be better off finding another hobby instead of pursuing this avenue of antagonizing.

But before you go, how much alcohol does one need to drink the day before to come to work and drive a city truck legally drunk at 7 in the MORNING? I really am curious.

Just trying to make the point that you do not know shit about Toledo politics or community affairs. You admitted that you live 1500 miles away.

Why don't you bestow all your knowledge and astute observations on YOUR community in Vero ?

Must be NO TAKERS for your brand of bullshit down there.

but you have yet to answer my question

I'm going to start a career of getting 20 DUI's and a couple of possession charges (to be dropped during a plea) and I can't think of a better example of a teacher than you.

Altho I am relieved that you are satisfied with this "investigation", there are events which occured that directly involve Carty's actions that need to be held accountable.

Fred was quoting carty's response. He neglected to put quotation marks around it, but it was CARTY who is satisfied with the investigation, not fred.

Amazing how punctuation makes the difference

my apologies to Fred, for I did find the intent of his post confusing, I based my comments toward him based upon his post as presented, which was crystal clear.

(edit: the difference between troll and poster was demonstrated between el machio and Billy! :D )

"now some radio stations and council people are using this to bolster thier ratings and political future. "

And the media helps themselves to the ratings and the political futures of the council members.

I don't understand the logic Why is it worse to CALL someone a "pantload" or any other euphemism than it is to actually BE a pantload?

The question should not be whether the mayor is a "pantload", the question should be whether or not the shoe fits and if it fits whether or not the mayor should wear it.

This whole ESM thing proves that the mayor is a pantload--which includes the hiring of Robert Croak, turning the ESM into a nightclub, a 3 hour council meeting, the mayor's letter to council, council's reply, the violation of Local 7's contract, and now these three people are being penalized while the mayor gets off.(in more ways than one).

At this point the mayor refuses to answer any questions from citizens, council people, or the media. Not one peep. Instead, he has other people do the talking for him, and I might add pretty damn poorly because defending the indefensible is not possible.

Not to mention the Marines, the flowers, bike paths, disrespecting citizens at town hall meetings, abusing his dog, conniving, twisting arms, on and on it continues. Why does it continue? You figure it out, I already have all the proof I need. I've seen it with my own two eyes.

Isn't it time that somebody, and it really doesn't matter who or what their politics are just as long as what they say is true, to take off the velvet gloves and call a spade a spade, a pantload a pantload?

Whatever happened to the principle, "if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, looks like a duck, then it's a duck?"

For anyone to deny that the mayor is a pantload is either blind, cannot come to terms with that reality or has just bought into the mayor's "mistruths", half-truths and outright lies"

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