Kaptur wants candidates to consider manufacturing's future in Ohio

In 1996, U.S. Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D., Toledo) put a damper on Democratic President Bill Clinton's re-election visit to Toledo by denouncing one of his signature achievements - the North American Free Trade Agreement.

While she doesn't plan to be a spoiler in this election, she intends to make sure the candidates from both parties detail how they're going to renegotiate trade agreements to help revive Ohio's declining manufacturing economy.

The "dean" of Ohio's Democratic delegation to Congress, Miss Kaptur introduced and spoke for her six Democratic colleagues yesterday at the caucus breakfast of the Democratic delegation to the 2008 Democratic National Convention. She also remembered the late U.S. Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones (D., Cleveland), who died last week and was to have been a delegate to this convention. (cont.)

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NAFTA and abortion are about the only two things I agree with Marcy on, but two out of three hundred seventy six isn't bad. The moonbats herald Slick Willie and Hitlery as if they are the saviors of democracy and the free world, conveniently forgetting that Slick gave us NAFTA and Hitlery failed in her push for health care. I'll give Marcy double points for opposing the Klinton Freight Train - Mexico to Canada Special.

From The Blade: Elaborating in remarks afterward, Miss Kaptur said both presidential candidates should say how they would retool American trade policy to suit Ohio's needs.

They should. They won't. I wouldn't either were I either of them.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

Get into the 90's would ya? We're no longer a manufacturing town. Our furute is wide open, but manufacturing jobs have move away. Logistics is our future. We have good rail, good port and excellent highway access. We need to capitalize on it. You want to relive the glory days of Toledo from the 50's. The Toledo you experienced as a young girl. good for you, but those days are over. Look at a Akron as an example. They lost tire making. But they had the technical skills that Korean tire makers needed to enter the US market. The U of Akron Polymer Research Center is recognized worldwide as a leader in polymer technology. And today Akron is one of the few areas in Ohio considered NOT to be in recession. Because they are learning to compete on the global stage, not expect politicians to make excuses.

I'd ask you to step aside, Marcy, but the voters of Lucas County would just elect young Ben to congress. You do less harm than he would.....

What about solar cell manufacturing? Are we just going to give these jobs away too? The mfg jobs have left because of our trade agreements like NAFTA that reward corps for offshoring jobs.

Pink Slip

Manufacturing is NEVER going to create the same level of jobs here that it did when Marcy went to Congress. She needs to focus on the intermodal first. That alone has more potential to create manufacturing jobs than her bloviating about the Toledo of her youth. Even with the intermodal, manufacturing still won't create the jobs of the 1950's.

The Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority will guarantee $1 million of a $7 million loan to Xunlight Corp. and possibly buy a stake in the solar-panel start-up firm as well.

The port authority's board of directors yesterday approved lending Xunlight money from the agency's Northwest Ohio Bond Fund repayable over five years, with only interest due during the first two.

The money will be used to finance the firm's installation of a solar-panel production line capable of producing 25 megawatts' worth of panels annually at its Nebraska Avenue plant.


are being invited to reside in Wood County just like the retail sporting goods store that located in Rossford . The future, as much as Marcy would like to travel back in time to rescue Toledo, is not destined to be in Lucas County. Perhaps with the death of the last vestige of the auto industry, namely Chrysler, there will finally be a wake up call that even Toledo's elected officials won't be able to ignore.


Isn't that she was doing by meeting with the group in Nova Scotia?

How would she get CSX for instance to consider, another rail yard in Toledo, when CSX has a massive rail yard in Wood County and a larger yards in Michigan.

Seems that Toledo's geographic location does not lend its self to a true intermodal operation.

But there is the now vacant 100+ acres of the former Willy's plant, right next to I75 and there is a rail line that runs along side the property.

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