former Toledo mayor Donna Owens speaking today 8/24

   She is speaking at Cedar Creek church ,  Perrysburg   campus   at   9 ,   10:45 am,  and 12:30  pm.  The other campuses will carry her  live  on screen.     This  is an easy church to visit ,   1  and 1/4  in  length,  they are low key there .    I went there last night at  7 and saw her speak .    She volunteers regularly  at the  welcome center at the Toledo campus.  

     Yes, she does get asked  the  'will you run again'  question.    They post their   Sunday speakers online on  Monday or Tuesday following -   if you want to see her .        It was a nice surprise for me to see her,  she  spoke candidly about her life in office. 


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Is she planning on testifying?

what is that about ?

I dont want to put words in Laural's mouth, but I believe she meant would donna be "witnessing", at the church rather than 'testifying' -

Which is a good question if you were there? did Donna witness, or was her address of another nature?

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