Michael Miller: Things are getting a little sloppy over at the GOP

Michael Miller Interview

Jan Scotland Interview

On the Troy Neff Show, Michael Miller calls in to give us an update on the Jan Scotland debacle and the uncovering of $40,000.00 in tax tax liens. Soon after, Jan calls in to answer these tough questions.

Lisa Renee has more about this on Glass City Jungle

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JRB wants Scotland on the ballot - heaven forbid the little despot would think something as frivolous as a LAW should stand in the way...

Lets just play what if: What if they do get him on the ballot? What if he wins?

Can you say lawsuit?

Who'd get to foot the bill for the board of elections?

Why does someone who lives in Pittsburgh, and runs a business that hasn't turned a profit in decades wield so much power?

there were conspiracy theories going around where the Blade was behind Stainbrook in keeping Scotland OFF the ballot (at least according to some of the posts on Glass City Jungle).

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