Aaron Lewis calls Jon Stainbrook a piece of s--t

I know this is odd timing, but here is what Aaron Lewis of Staind had to say about Jon Stainbrook in the latest edition of The Gauntlet. He tries to set the record straight and has issues with what Jon has said about what happened. BTW you can buy their new album on iTunes at http://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/storeFront
The Gauntlet: What’s the deal with that lawsuit with John Stainbrook? There was a rumor that you guys might have to change your name. Is that a real possibility?

Aaron: OK, you want the truth, or do you want what he has put out there?

The Gauntlet: The truth of course.

Aaron: The truth is that at the beginning of our career we bought the name from John for a good price and he was very well taken care of. Then he came back and wanted more. Then he came back again and wanted more. Then he came back AGAIN and wanted more. The last time that he came back he wanted millions of dollars because Staind was all over all of our merchandise and everything else, when the fact of the matter was that we fully purchased it from him in the beginning. Legally and binding and everything else. He is just a fucking scumbag. The deal was done in fucking ’98. It was a done deal. Almost a half million dollars later in lawyer fees it’s finally fixed and finished. He didn’t have a leg to stand on the whole time, and it cost us a half million dollars to get this piece of shit to go away.

The Gauntlet: Unbelievable. So this guy just goes after anyone who uses the word “stain” for anything?

Aaron: Basically. He looks for people that have used the word and goes after them. It’s always nice when I go onto Wikipedia, and on there it talks about how “we sued him.” Obviously because they got the info from him, they paint the picture of the big corporate guy coming in and stepping on the little guy, when the fact of the matter is what I told you.

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I'm pretty sure I have their first album floating around here somewhere. Should give it a good listen in honor of a classic quote.


their music is pretty good. You can tell why they made it to the big time. I think I will buy the album.


the boy barely has a dime to his name

money well spent!

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