Lucas County weighing 3rd try for COSI levy

Lucas County commissioners today are expected to decide whether to put a 0.16-mill, five-year additional levy on the November ballot to reopen COSI.

Yesterday, representatives from four local businesses said they would escalate their efforts to campaign for the levy — and would help the museum create new exhibits if the levy passes.

“Up until last year, we had a world-class educational science center. We need it back,” said Steve Krull, senior vice president of Owens Corning. “It is really a small investment to make, and a huge benefit to our community.”

The levy — which would cost the owner of a $100,000 home about $5.21 a year — would be COSI’s third attempt.

Officials with the education center say if it is not approved, it will be the last. The exhibits will be shipped to other museums across the country.

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Do baseball rules apply here?

For crying out loud. If they can get this on the ballot AGAIN, at least they should give us, the voters three choices; yes, no, and shove it up your ass!

"We're all riding on the Hindenburg, no sense fighting over the window seats"-Richard Jenni

"We're all riding on the Hindenburg, no sense fighting over the window seats"-Richard Jenni

So many people in the Toledo area can be so short sighted and care so little about others in our community. First of all, the COSI request is a tiny amount. For most taxpayers, it will be about a penny a day! For some, it might cost as much as 2 cents a day! Secondly, the previous COSI losses were by very few votes. There was no overwhelming mandate against supporting COSI.

And who benefits the most from COSI? School-aged children, especially those from less advantaged families, are most likely to benefit from a children's science center close to their own homes. Those in more advantaged homes will be taken to Ann Arbor or Columbus to enjoy and to learn.

Finally, backing COSI is beneficial for everyone in the area. If Toledo is perceived as a place that values science and the science education of Toledo area children, we are more likely to be a place where young adults choose to live and raise their children. If our children grow up more knowledgeable in science and technology, they will be more productive adults. We all benefit from that!

The best investment a society can make is in the education of its youth.
All of these benefits for a penny or two a day.
What a bargain!

are you enjoying the services that the 3/4% tax you voted for?

From my perspective, which includes influences from quite a few media outlets listed on Glass City Jungle, my answer is no.

And you're able to see that four business who have, instead of stepping up to the plate themselves, would rather "contribute" towards the $300,000 to get you to vote for this levy.

Do the math, that $300,000 as well as these businesses directly "donating" to COSI, instead of financing thier levy campaign, would have taken care of COSI for another year.

Many people other than you just can't find it within themselves to afford another tax when this "paltry" sum, as you've described it, affects a family income.

Short-sighted and care so little? Quite a selfish little comment coming from an "educator".

I'd love to see Toledo with a vibrant, ever changing, current and educational COSI type place.

However the COSI that we used to have wasn't much of any of those things.

Most (if not all) the exhibits were the same the day it closed as they were the day it opened. Their idea of a "special" exhibition seemed to be a kiosk in the middle of the same old same old exhibits.

That is why I voted NO the first two times.

That is why I'll be voting NO the third time.

Obviously they know how to raise some money from private businesses so maybe they should have done that before rather then come begging hat in hand to the voters the first time.

 If we're to have a COSI then they need to move to a place and will lend itself to expansion (somewhere close to the Zoo would be awesome) and not just expect us to oooh and aaah over the same tired things for a decade or more. They also need to learn to better manage the money they get and stop thinking the voters will save them.

Backing COSI as it was is NOT a good investment in the education of our youth.





"The Lucas County commissioners voted unanimously yesterday to put four levies on the November ballot, including a new levy that would allow COSI to reopen."

"I recognize severe levy fatigue on the part of voters, and I don't blame them," Commissioner Ben Konop said. "Unfortunately, that's the system we've been dealt under Ohio law."

"It would cost the owner of a $100,000 home about $5.21 a year, according to the county auditor.

The commissioners said they were impressed with COSI's plan to involve local businesses, such as Xunlight Corp and First Solar Inc., in the science center's reopening.

"We want to let the voters do their job, and let people vote on a science center that happens to be where our community is heading," said Tina Skeldon Wozniak, president of the commissioners."

Hey Dale,

I agree with your take on the COSI issue, however, if you're trying to convince the readers of swampbubbles of the value that a science museum like COSI can play in a community, I think you are wasting your time. A quick search of the site shows the majority of the posts to be overwhelming anti-COSI and I doubt anything you will post will change their minds. They have already decided to vote no, so don't bang your head against the wall trying to change that.

I think you would have a better effect by talking with your family, neighbors, friends and co-workers who are supportive of COSI and get them out to vote in November. Or better yet, call COSI and volunteer to help with their efforts.


The Pro-COSI tax crowd tells us that it's "only pennies a day". I've lived in Toledo for 5 years. All those pennies have added up into real dollars. My property taxes have gone up nearly 30% in those 5 years, because you pro-levy voters love to pick my pockets for your cause. You need to stop it.

COSI was founded with an endowment. They burned through it because every person who ever visited COSI paid less than the cost of having them visit. COSI had a very good speaker at my Chamber meeting a few years back. He did a great job explaining how COSI was run. But the leadership of COSI doesn't know how to run it at a profit. They need to pick my pocket in order to do so. As a private entity, they should have no right to do so.

If these 4 companies think that COSI is such a value, then why only support the levy? These companies alone could replenish the COSI endowment. But they know that COSI leadership will not be responsible with the money, and find a way to operate at a profit. So rather than throw their good money after bad, they want you and I to do so. How is it that COSI can raise over $200000 for the levy campaign (year after year), but can't raise enough money to run the museum?

I did support COSI as a member, until I saw that the exhibits were the same old same old for the first few years we lived here. Now we hear that if the levy fails, the exhibits will be removed. Yet somehow, if we vote for COSI this time, its a "new" COSI. With the same old exhibits? I think not. I'd be more inclined to support it if the exhibits HAD been removed. At least we'd know there was something new coming.

It's an educational resource? Ok, I'll meet you halfway on that. But since it's been closed, is there any proof that COSI had made a difference? Are children suddenly failing math and science more? I haven't heard. All I've heard is TPS preaching about progress and saving Scott HS. I don't see that COSI really made that much of a difference.

Commissioner Konop loves to tell us why we should support these causes. But someone needs to call Ben out on the fact that he doesn't actually pay his fair share. Ben has not given up the tax abatement on his luxury downtown condo, though he certainly could afford to do so. When he starts paying his fair share, I'll give him a listen.

But with 10% unemployment in Toledo and a host of other tax levies on the ballot, I cannot see why supporting a private business with my taxes is a good idea. COSI should be voted down for a third and final time. Maybe then another group can come in and do what COSI can't, and run a science center at a profit.

"But with 10% unemployment in Toledo and a host of other tax levies on the ballot, I cannot see why supporting a private business with my taxes is a good idea. COSI should be voted down for a third and final time. Maybe then another group can come in and do what COSI can't, and run a science center at a profit."

But what if it was proven that supporting an institution that provides science, engineering, and technology education to the region's youth directly contributes to the future potential employment outlook of this area?

I voted no originally, because I agree, the public shouldn't be supporting a private business. I may vote yes if COSI can prove that it has a solid connection with the area's business leaders and those leaders also contribute to COSI's future through exhibits and such.

I'd much prefer if they would look to the route of taking out a loan, like any other business, and sustaining itself with partnerships in the community and strong advertising/marketing to attract customers. The concept could do so well if it was executed correctly.

Just to clarify a point above. I for one am not anti-COSI, but am not in favor of a company without a proper business plan coming to me for a tax to fund their business.

Exactly. Which is why if they can show us a written document of their future goals, their prospects for success, and an exit strategy just like any other business plan and business looking for funding, then I would be much more willing to vote for them. I think the idea of area businesses teaming up with COSI could potentially be a big success if executed correctly.

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