Obama's dishonesty on abortion. He says it has increased over the past 8 years

   He spoke at Saddleback church.  How could he be so un-informed  on an issue that is important to so many  ? 

His most outright lie was his claim that abortion rates had gone up over the last eight years. Within minutes bloggers at TownHall.com, pro-life groups like Americans United for Life, and even the analyst panel on Fox News Channel had the stats in front of the American public. Abortion rates have actually decreased over the last eight years, and have done so in significant fashion. In fact in January of 2008 it was reported by the Guttmacher Institute and repeated in U.S. News and World Reports that abortions had reached a three decade low.

For Obama to so blatantly say otherwise demonstrated paramount ignorance; ignorance to such degree that he should not be elected dog catcher, much less the most powerful chair of the free world. And if not ignorant then he was more than willing to manipulate the issue by forthright lying to the largest audience of evangelicals in America, and a pastor on national television.


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