With the high gas prices are you salivating to move downtown?

25% (22 votes)
74% (64 votes)
I don't know
1% (1 vote)
Total votes: 87
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Not at all.

If not for the fact that I work downtown, it wouldn't even be necessary for me to venture that way. (There are still things I'd enjoy going downtown for just for fun...it just wouldn't be a "necessity" to be there.)

I live in Sylvania Twp, and I could probably even get by without a car if necessary. Within 5 miles of my home, I have multiple grocery stores, retail shopping, entertainment/recreational venues (Pacesetter, Centennial Terrace, Fossil Park, Franciscan Center, Tam O' Shanter, Olander, and other parks). I have access to public transportation (walking/biking distance to one Park & Ride, a 3 mile drive to 2 other Park & Rides, not to mention Dial A Ride service). We live in a great neighborhood to raise our kids (big yard, safe, great neighbors, etc).

Gas prices aren't going to lead me to move downtown. If anything, the reverse would happen and I'd take fewer trips downtown and seek more of my recreation/entertainment opportunities closer to home.

(Note - I don't actually see myself limiting my trips downtown any time soon...there are activities we enjoy there, and gas prices haven't been hurting us to the point where we want to give that up. Worst case scenario, I might make more use of public transportation to get downtown for recreation/entertainment.)

No. Not everyone works downtown Chris. Why would you make this question into a poll?

The question covers a theme getting a lot of attention nationwide...why wouldn't we want to know the local opinion? If ya don't like the poll, move along.

But no way subject myself to the morons who supposedly are in charge of Toledo.

I escaped Toledo during the first Czarty Administration. THAT was one of the smartest moves I have ever made.

Now I have lower taxes, lower electric rates, better schools, higher property values etc. etc. etc.

Sure I have to pay an outside company for trash pickup, but I can still burn my leaves and if the company I use now pisses me off, I just fire them and hire another company.

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

I wouldnt whore my or my family's personal safety for a few gas bucks.

I enjoy being able to walk in my neighborhood at night. I like being able to leave my car outside and not worry that it'll be there in the morning.

The costs for me to do, would be way out of my reach.

There is no grocery store near by, I work further away from the city center, I would have to commute more to get where I need to be.

The lofts and apartments and condo's look nice, but they are out of my price range.

It is nice to live in South Toledo now and be close to work, stores.


Why would anyone want to live in downtown Toledo?

I guess if you're a career criminal or a politician, then living downtown would shorten your daily commute.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

To get away from the unsightly scene's of large surface parking lots, the mundane and architecturally deficient-looking strip and outlet centers, and gas wasting sprawl of the burbs.

living downtown is actually a lot of fun. i did it for 6 years and only left because we finally found a home we wanted to buy. i parked on the street every day & night and so did my wife. never once did we have a break in to our car or ground level apartment.

we could walk or ride our bikes to a handfull of great places to eat for lunch or dinner, and taking a stroll down the river was always available. you can walk or easily ride a bike to the farmers market on saturdays, and on mudhen game days and 4th of july, fireworks can be seen from out your windows. the zoo is only a 5 minute drive away and the museum is much less than that. and with the new sports arena coming soon, even more possibilities for entertainment.

sure there are some vagrant types in the area, as there are in any urban setting. .but it's part of the thrill. you arent going to get stabbed walking your dog. its perfectly safe. also living only a few blocks away from the fire station as well as the toledo 9-11 call center makes any call to the authorities a quick turn-around.

im not sure what toledo some of you people are living in.. but the one im in is eclectic, affordable and a lot of fun. downtown living is great and i sincerely miss it.

I'll second that, upso. The only thing downtown lacks is grocery and other shopping, but that is only seven minutes away on 475, off Secor. Other than that, it's a great place to live and has a lot of things to do without going far. There is little crime (the Cop Palace is blocks away) and the city makes an effort to keep downtown safe and clean.

Places to go within walking distance:
Toledo Museum of Art
Toledo Glass Museum
Manos restaurant
Manhattan's restaurant
Georgio's restaurant
Valentine Theater
Micky Finn's Pub
Pub St. George
Easy Street
Bronze Boar
Home Slice
Ottawa Tavern
Murphy's and the new place that opened above it.
Frisch's Big Boy
High Level Bridge Cafe (open all night!)
etc., etc.

This list doesn't even cover half of them. I can't remember some of their names off the bat. There are more restaurants and nightlife places downtown in one square mile than anywhere in the area... not to mention the many hotels there. And TWO beautiful rivers to boot!

I say NIX to all these naysayers of Toledo.

if you don't like it, move!

I agree.

So sick of listening to people nagging over this and that while offering little to nothing on how to improve things (volunteer much?). There is a ton of stuff to do in Downtown. Look at the suburbs and and tell me you are so damn happy to be where you are... relishing in your Ruby Tuesdays and Red Lobsters, your crime, and that delicious $drive$ in your SUVs daily to and from work.

It certainly doesn't bother me. Stay where you're at. I'm enjoying life quite well.

Wow...the suburban life you describe is a far different experience than what my life is actually like (as described above in my previous response.)

I realize your comment probably wasn't directed at me, of course, since I didn't criticize downtown Toledo. (Merely pointing out that I have access to plenty of interesting activities within walking distance or short driving distance of my suburban home, and I don't "need" to go to downtown Toledo. Though I still choose to do so from time to time.)

Within walking distance? I grew up in Sylvania (mostly in Centennial Farms) and there was nothing within walking distance with the exception of a gas station. You now can walk to Mayberry Square, but your choices are limited to an ice cream parlor and the bar next to Jo Jo's. To get anywhere within a suburb, you need to drive quite a bit, and you need to park in any of the location's large surface lots, like Target on Monroe St. or just any of the strip centers off of Monroe St.

Nobody said you "need" to go downtown. But certainly downtown living isn't as worthless, crime ridden, and boring as some people choose to say it is. It is what you make of it, if you choose not to get involved and be social (which is what a downtown atmosphere emphasizes) then of course downtown will look boring to you.

absolutely true

"To get to anywhere within a suburb, you need to drive quite a bit, and you need to park in any of the location's large surface lots, like Target on Monroe St..."

lol...that's hysterical

...is the county seat. If the county government was moved to Maumee or Sylvania then downtown Toledo would become a ghost town.

Old South End Broadway