Lucas County OKs plan to upgrade recycling facility

Having bought a North Toledo recycling center, Lucas County has plans to go into the recycling business.

The Lucas County Commissioners yesterday approved a $7,100 contract with Spring Valley Architects to improve the facility at 1011 Matzinger Rd. that the Lucas County Solid Waste Management district bought earlier this year.

The center, previously owned by Lake Erie Recycling, will be used as a "Multiple Recovery Facility," or MRF, which can separate and recycle a variety of materials, even if they are mixed into a single recycling box.

By owning the property, the county will now be able to run the facility itself, rather than paying to use a private facility.

"This truly is an example of one man's trash becoming another man's treasure," Commissioner Pete Gerken said during yesterday's meeting. "I think recycling has truly become a treasure for us."

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Somebody put me right if Im off base here -

My funds are taken from me via the 3/4 income tax that goes to cover recycling.

Additional funds are taken from me via the water bill to cover recycling.

And the tax I pay that goes to the county also goes to this recycling center.

Are two entities, that my tax bucks are taken to fund, the city and the county now competing with one another?


I sent Councilman Collins the same question some time ago, as he was one of the movers behind the recycling fee.

Thanked me for my input and nothing since.

I have since sent him The Blade article, waiting for his response.

Radio show host stated to me in e-mail that the question would try and be posed to Konop, nothing since.

Recycle for free, while we pay for the recycling.

Left hand knows or is watching what the right hand is doing, nope.

My councilman's wienewski. I just emailed him and asked the same question.

Ive gotten an reply to everything I've ever asked him. Will let you know what he says.

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