Recycle Thieves

Warning...Warning Swampbubblers! Recycle thieves on the loose in South Toledo!

Since I live alone it takes me at least two recycle pickup cycles before I have enough to sit out to the curb for the pickup on trash day. So tonight I felt I was really fulfilling my obligation toward earning my recycle discount when I placed a brand new recycle container full of empty soda cans out to the curb for tomorrows pickup. These were not out for more then an hour until I hear what sounded like garbage collectors outside. I pulled myself from the Olympic coverage to investigate the ruckus and discovered that a Blue PT Cruiser had pulled up in front of the house. A man jumped out and emptied my container in a white plastic bag. I believe he would have taken the container too if I would not have yelled at him.

Now I am left with an empty container and by appearances not living up to my agreement to recycle. If they ever start to meter your recyclables how will they address these blatant attacks on honest homeowners whom have to pay a higher trash fee because of a lack of recyclables?

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Perhaps put your items out in the morning rather than at night. Isnt it said that trash put to the curb is no longer private property? Putting trash out the night before gives theives of all types all night long to go through it. Just a thought. Dottie


In our fair city.

If you bring this up to people in the administration, you are being negative.

If you turn for help to others, usually there is no response.

There is a former commercial industrial building on Central being stripped from top to bottom and nobody seems to notice.

People are desperate for money and stripping businesses, and vandalizing the vacant homes, inside and out.

We put our recyclables out the morning of trash collection.

Thanks for the photo.

KK, I have had my recycling container looked at. Not having many cans, they don't do much with our can. But yes, the fact that you don't have many items to put in your container and how the city says they will inspect to make sure it is followed, puts you in a bad position of having to explain what happened.

Saying and actually enforcing the rules are two completely different things.

The city departments are over whelmed and enforcement will be difficult and spotty.

Exactly the reason I always chose to do my recycling at Kroger. Now Im fined if I do that.

I put an old bicycle out last week and a guy with a pick up full of scrap snatched it up about 10 minutes later. Even though I think we still have a law against picking through trash, this guy is going to make a buck off something that was going to end up in a landfill.
Last year I tossed an aluminum truck cap with the same result. The guy told me he would get about $30 for it and I didn't have the time, inclination or means to take it somewhere myself. Should these guys get fined for doing us a favor?

Are doing us a favor and they benefit.

We have them in our neighborhood, also.

We have put out metal items, heck even an old toilet we replaced and it was gone.

I don't think most of the scrapers are also the same people who pick through recyclables, at least not in my part of our fair city.

One of the questions, I posed to our administration and council, and a local radio talk show host, was that.

Why does the County offer recycling when the city has a system set up to encourage and even has a fee for recycling.

And the response to the question........nada

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