Troy Neff Show: Collins wants Carty to end all relations with Verso Group and Robert Croak

Troy is back from vacation and Councilman Michael Collins gets him caught up on the Erie Street Market. Listen to this three part interview that explains why Collins want's Carty to end all relations with convicted felon Robert Croak.

Michael Collins Interview Part 1 - Welcome Back

Michael Collins Interview Part 2 - Croak is a convicted felon

Michael Collins Interview Part 3 - Where do we go from here?

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The whole reason why the Civic Theatre was opened so stealthily was to make the Erie Street Market look more appealing to TetraTech. They can still back out of the purchase if they decide it is infeasible, so filling another bay at the ESM makes sense if this was Carty's thought process.

If the Civic Theatre contracts went through the normal channels, it would likely die in Council because of the budged deficit we're facing this year and next year. But spending $80k, or up to $130k as Councilman Collins suggests, could free us from paying $250k a year into the future in utilities for the ESM tenants. I differ in opinion with Collins because I feel that if some bureaucratic processes are sidestepped but the end result is us not owning the Erie Street Market, then the results are more important than the process.

The reason Rob Croak is involved is because he could bring acts immediately. Yes, it screwed Headliners and Jeds, but Jeds former owner screwed its employees by not forwarding their withheld taxes, so boo hoo. Headliners can adapt and survive in ways that the Erie Street Market cannot, so I'd rather see Headliners struggle than watch TetraTech back out of the deal. It sucks, but we've got to do everything we can to get rid of this white elephant.


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