Toledo mayor scolded for wasting gas to cool Scout

City employees are reminded of these facts regularly: Money is tight. Fuel is expensive.

So when Don Czerniak, president of Local 7 of the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees, learned Mayor Carty Finkbeiner had left his city-owned sport-utility vehicle idling over the weekend for more than 30 minutes, he said the action was hypocritical.

“My guys stop the trucks, are told not to idle, and they are supposed to be as fuel-efficient as possible,” Mr. Czerniak said. “If it’s good for one, it should be good for everyone, so let’s not make a rule and not abide by it yourself because, if it’s good enough for the workers, it should go right to the top.”

Mr. Finkbeiner left Scout, his obedient yellow Labrador, alone in the running GMC Envoy.

Unlike in the past, when the mayor was cited for leaving Scout in an uncooled car while illegally parked, he avoided dog lovers’ ire this time by leaving the air conditioning running so the dog would not overheat. But in doing so, he broke his own rule of not wasting city fuel.

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that's all his majesty carelton finkboner hears.

he got away with it again and will get away with it again until he is out of office.

he will do whatever he wants and no one will get in his way. he's been doing that for three years now lol

lips moving and nothing making sense to him.

nice effort tho, union guy.

But in doing so, he broke his own rule of not wasting city fuel.

You are correct, sir! That IS his rule for city vehicles. Do you know when he created his rule, did he also mention what would happen to those who broke it?

I dont know, Im askin' here... If he did, there ya go!

The mayor should pay the cost of the gas burned and $1,000.00 punitive damages.

"Shut up. I am Czarty Finkbiner, Mayor Of Toledo! I will do what I damn well please. Screw YOU! Screw COUNCIL! Screw the LAW! I am un-touchable! And YOU UNION HACKS endorsed me for this job. GET OVER IT. You can't remove me from office and I KNOW IT."

Meanwhile you can hear the violin music playing as Toledo burns.

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

sounds like Nero has been reincarnated as Carty Finkbeiner.

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