Sobczak On The World Wide Web Courtesy Of WSPD

My interview with Council President Mark Sobczak is now podcast and available for your listening pleasure (?). Just go to and see the link for Fred LeFebvre and The Morning News Podcasts

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Thanks for posting the info. I was listening to Carty on your competitor. Troy posts everything else, he should definitely post his show today. I missed half of the Michael Collins interview as well. I will listen to it now, thanks! It makes me able to listen to both shows now.

Listen a little more closely next time, Troy is on vacation. LOL

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to see that Troy was on vacation. I saw on his website that Brian Schwartz was going to be guest hosting and wondered how that was going to turn out. I must say that I think he did a great job. I really liked the interview with the mayor. He treated him with respect and Carty cleared up some questions I had about the Erie Street Market.

We need more people in the media to be more positive about Toledo and the Mayor.
Way to go Schwartz!!

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