McCain seeks answers on UPS/DHL proposal

WILMINGTON, Ohio (Reuters) - Republican presidential candidate John McCain, concerned about potential job losses, pressed on Thursday for more information about a proposal for United Parcel Service Inc to fly packages in North America for rival DHL.

The Arizona senator met with people in the political battleground state who could be hurt by potential job losses, reported at more than 8,000 at air shippers for DHL, if ongoing negotiations involving UPS are finalized.

McCain joined other senate lawmakers who earlier this week called for the Bush administration to conduct an antitrust review of any UPS/DHL agreement.

Both companies believe their proposed arrangement to cut costs at DHL and boost business at UPS would not warrant antitrust scrutiny because it is not a merger or acquisition. UPS called it a straightforward vendor relationship.

McCain said he could not guarantee "we're going to avert this," but he promised to do everything he could to fight it.

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I call Bullshit! McCain's top campain advisor Rick Davis made hundreds of thousands of dollars lobbing congress to make sure the 2003 deal happened...

Read this:

U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, urged Republican presidential candidate John McCain to press DHL and its German owner, Deutsche Post, to preserve jobs that could be lost if DHL hires United Parcel Service for its U.S. cargo airlift work.

McCain, the Arizona senator, scheduled a campaign stop in Wilmington today, Aug. 7, to meet privately with community activists trying to save at least 8,000 jobs at DHL's Wilmington air freight hub. McCain was also to visit Lima.

The Plain Dealer of Cleveland reported on Wednesday that Washington lobbyist Rick Davis, now McCain's top campaign adviser, made hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees lobbying Congress to allow the 2003 deal in which Deutsche Post bought Airborne Express to form DHL's U.S. business. The Washington Post had a similar report in June.

When he states that Congress and Senate are disconnected from the American people, after all he was a member of the Senate for 26 years and now as a presidential candidate all the his votes in office and legislation sponsored and enacted, seem to merely not count any more.

Obama has a new radio add about this very topic...

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