Oops he did it again - Mayor Finkbeiner leaves dog in car

Reported by Paula Johnson
Posted by Nick Dutton - email
TOLEDO, Ohio (WTOL) - Saturday morning News 11 cameras caught Mayor Carty Finkbeiner in violation of parking, safety and green living codes of conduct. His car was parked illegally and left running for nearly 45 minutes with his dog Scout inside.

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The bigger embarassment is that he left his car running outside of a green living event. That's as disrespectful as showing up at an AA meeting with a six pack.


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There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at

The PSA the Mayor aired tells us not to leave the dog in cars in the summer.

The Mayor also has stated that the city fuel costs are too high, and here the leader with an SUV and the motoring for 45 minutes.

Real fine leadership.

The Mayor also has stated that the city fuel costs are too high, and here the leader with an SUV and the motoring for 45 minutes.

Im guessing here, but city owned car? Taxpayer paid fuel? Wasted just so his nib's doggy could remain cool?

I thought the quote from the PSA the Mayoron did last time was something like 'Sorry Scout, but next time it's hot, you're going to stay home'...

He sure as heck should have left Scout at home.

But if we notice, the Mayor had the air conditioning on and a window open and the engine running in the SUV.

Leadership by example.

Mayor's office responds...


Today, channel 11 presented a story about the Mayor's vehicle, Scout inside.

Mayor Finkbeiner's was legally parked. The Toledo Police Department provides this Mayor, and every Mayor with a parking pass that allows them to park where they wish. It was clearly visible in the left corner of the vehicle's windshield.

Scout was in the car, with the air conditioning on, as recommended by many dog lover's and the Toledo Humane Society. He was cool and safe. Scout travels in air conditioned comfort with the Mayor all summer long.

Between 9 a.m. and 12 p.m. The Mayor had five public events to attend including two events at the Erie Street Market. With each appointment he had to be in and out in a hurry.

In closing, the Mayor was legally parked with hid pass displayed and Scout was comfortable in the air conditioned vehicle, while the Mayor was able to attend to hid events.

- Elizabeth Phillips, Mayor Finkbeiner's spokesperson


1) If he had such a jam packed schedule that morning, why did he even bring Scout to begin with?

2) Notice how Ms. Phillips didn't even address the hypocrisy of leaving the car running for 45 minutes after the Mayor drew so much attention to the city's fuel consumption.

So he has a "park anywhere" pass from TPD. So what. Carty can't legally park when there are spots available? It's clear that the rules don't apply to Finky. The Blah-duh (allegedly one of Amerca's formerly great newspapers) made absolutley no mention of this in Sunday's edition. Despite JRB's belief in global warming, this isn't news. It's one of Toledo's elite exercising their rights. I've only been in the area for 5 years, but I can see how the game is played. 40 years of basically one party rule results in this kind of arrogance.



if I only had a brain

Notice how Ms. Phillips didn't even address the hypocrisy of leaving the car running for 45 minutes after the Mayor drew so much attention to the city's fuel consumption.

And dont look for her to address that issue either. Lots of us have busy schedules at times - I know I sure do. On days where I'd need to make lots of stops, an hour here, an hour there - I dont have the option of parking wherever I want, or to leave my car running.

I have two beloved dogs, and on a day like that they'd be safe at home - because of:

1: my dog's safety (edit - Im not meaning my dog's safety from the heat. I would no longer leave my dog unattended in a car during comfortable weather than I would my child - people steal things of value left unattended in cars. People steal cars! )
2: Just a personal belief, but I think if my dogs have to spend time without me, they'd be happier in their own home than locked in a car. (but then that'd just be me thinking "it's all about the dog, rather than thinking "it's all about me")
3 it's not safe to leave my car idling while unattended.
4: I cant afford the gas it would cost.
5: even if the cost of gas WASN'T an issue, I still GIVE A SHIT about wasting it.
6: When I'm in a position of authority, I tend to lead by example, rather than 'do as I say, not as I do' - it tends to earn me respect, and in my experience, that's the only way you GET respect.

Apparently the douche bag that was elected to office THREE TIMES (none by my vote) cares for none of the above.

would have had them a shiny new city vehicle!

I'm willing to bet that Czarty had a police officer personally guarding his vehicle. Yet another insult to our police force (treating them like valets).

So far the waste has added up to nothing but another bullet point under Czarty's foibles.


(the wiki on Carty could use some updating/editing)

Until the citizens storm the government center just like the French peasants stormed the Bastille to officially start the French Revolution, Carty will do as he pleases. He is telling us all there is nothing we can do about anything he does. If we can get 50,000 people outside the government center demanding he resign, at least it will make national news.

Like I said in another post about this fool, "let's get our pitchforks and torches" and go to it. If that happens, he'll probably try to get the National Guard to come for riot control. But Ha Ha! He burned that bridge when he banished the Marines last February. Maybe if we call the Marines, they'll come protest with us? LOL

Mulberry Police Dog Dies When Patrol Car AC Fails

A Mulberry police dog left in a patrol car died Monday after the car's air conditioning compressor failed.

Mulberry Police Chief Lawrence Cavallaro said the dog, named Sam Diesel, died from the heat. The 2-year-old German shepherd had been in the car for more than an hour, although it wasn't clear Monday exactly how long he was in the car or when the air conditioning failed.


What about leaving the dog in the car with the air-conditioning running? Many people do this, but tragedy can strike -- and it has. For example, in 2003, a police dog in Texas died after the air-conditioning in the patrol car shut down and began blowing hot air. The air system's compressor kicked off because the engine got too hot. Many cars, including modern models with computerized functions, are prone to the same problem. In August 2004, a North Carolina couple lost two of their beloved dogs, and nearly lost their third dogs, as result of a similar failure. They had left bowls of water and ice in the car, and the air-conditioning on, during their shopping trip of less than 30 minutes.

Excellent information that should be presented to the Toledo Human Society.

I hope the local news stations will eventually get real about reporting and start doing research and presenting information like this. The general public just sit in ignorant bliss about so many issues locally.

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