Well! Here we have it again. Carty Finkbeiner, our illustrious Mayor, has shown his middle finger (figuratively) to the taxpayers of Toledo, and to the Toledo Police Department.

You see, a few months ago our mayor was caught a couple of times leaving his dog Scout in a hot car. He was chastised for it in the media, as well he should be, and then had the gall to make a public service announcement that was intended to give one the impression of contrition, redemption and a case of the warm fuzzies.

But DAMMIT! Now he did it again!!! Does this man never learn? Does he think he will be able to pull this kind of crap without scrutiny? Good grief!

While Mr. I'm Above It All was visiting an event at the Erie Street Market today (an event promoting Green/Eco friendly policies/practices) he parked his car illegally, left the motor running for 45 minutes (how about that carbon footprint?), AND left his poor dog inside. Granted the air conditioning was running, but that's still no excuse.

Now, I can't help but think that if Mr. I'm Above It All saw MY dog in the car with the motor running and the AC on he would have placed a call to Chief Navarre on the Batphone and had me arrested on the spot! And if I pulled that kind of stupid maneuver then I should be punished. But why wasn't a call made to the police department, a unit sent to investigate and citations issued for violating parking regulations, animal cruelty laws and the little enforced law that says it's illegal to leave a car idling with the keys in the ignition.

I have held high hopes for Toledo consistently. But I'm throwing in the towel. I cannot remain hopeful for any kind of turn-around here while we have an administration that is so arrogant and disrespectful to their employers - WE the taxpayers of Toledo and Lucas County.

If any one of us thumbed our nose at our employer we would be fired on the spot. Perhaps that's the answer. Who knows.

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want ! We mere plebes look up and stare amazed and shocked ! -- How did the recall Carty effort fail ?

My theory is that we're all too busy working so hard to help make ends meet and pay our unreasonably high taxes that we don't have time to organize an effort to recall this crooked creep.

I voted for Keith Wilkowski at the last election. I hope he runs again or Tom Wisniewski. Tom's a good man. He used to work where I work and he's a very respectable, honorable hardworking man.

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