$80,000 To Renovate Erie Street Market -Now in the hole and possibly more than concerts stolen from Headliners

When I turned my cell phone on this morning a familiar buzz told me I had a text message. It was from Nick from the WSPD newsroom telling me that the ESM cost for renovation would be at least $80,000!! WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON, WHERE IS COUNCIL?

Admin edit - added more to title. See my comments for more about the story from a person who said he worked with Headliners who called Fred's show at 6:50 this morning.

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In chambers, I suppose.

"The mayor, according to the city charter, doesn't need council approval for anything costing less than $10,000.

So far, the work at the market building, 237 South Erie St., totals $79,879, which was split into 13 contracts - all less than the $10,000 threshold."


You know that if HIZZONNER went behind City Council's back like this, and HIZZONNER also has no problem spending $10000 on a shower, what else has Czarty done?

Better check the records regarding the Marina District.
Better look up Czartys spending regarding the Hillcrest.
Better look up what Czarty has spent on the Commodor Perry.

THE PRECIDENT IS OBVIOUS, proveable. and repeated. Your mayor is a crook and bold about it.

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

So we learn that the ESM is now 52k in the hole. Was that amount given to Councilperson Collins? The next nugget of news I heard on WSPD was that the events were moved from Headliners to the ESM and there potentially is some equipment that has been misappropriated to the ESM from Headliners. A product representative who worked with Headliners called in and talked about the change of events and how he and others were going to be negetively affected by the abrupt removal of the concerts from Headliners. It seems this story is not going to end here.


And the guy who owns headliners hasta have a hard time paying his taxes, knowing that they go to funding his competition!

The Mayor brings in someone to run the new show, who has had trouble in the past with.

"Croak was convicted on one count of forgery and has been arrested for but not convicted of underage alcohol sales, according to court records.

The forgery conviction stems from accusations that Croak falsified records to obtain a liquor permit.

Mr. Finkbeiner acknowledged that Croak is "not squeaky clean," but said he was selected for the job because of his connections and experience with bookings and promotions.

Croak said last night that he would not respond to Mr. Collins' concerns about his criminal history.

Croak founded the River East Entertainment District on Main Street - Club 128, the Main Event, and Frankie's Inner City Lounge.

All three nightclubs at one time or another were under scrutiny from state liquor control and city police for problems that included noise, drugs, underage consumption of alcohol, unruly juveniles, and public indecency.

In 2001, Croak was arrested and accused of allowing underage drinking at the Main Event and operating a business where alcohol is sold or furnished in violation of the law. He pleaded not guilty; the charges eventually were dismissed.

Because of his convictions, Croak is not allowed to be associated with alcohol sales at the market, said Robert Reinbolt, the mayor's chief of staff."

The Chief Cheerleader brings in someone with a questionable back ground to promote and run an operation intended to turn around a declining location.

Seems that one would want to bring in someone with a bit better track record.

I know this is an old topic, but I come-and-go from this site.

I know Rob Croak and his company, Verso Group, very well. I was under his employ as a Software Developer for about a year, in 2005.

Everybody has flaws, everybody makes mistakes, simple as that. Rob is not perfect. Rob is not an angel. Rob is ambitious and, maybe, a little vain.

But I'll tell you what, nobody in this city knows the entertainment business as well as Rob Croak and Jon Anderson, Rob's VP.


And if I needed somebody to create an atmosphere that was trendy; create adverts and promotion materials that are professional and appeal to young people; and fill my club with talent, I would hire Rob.

He and I have had sharp differences in opinion. But I know these guys better than (just a guess) anybody in this thread and anybody in City Council and, as a Toledo Taxpayer, I'm glad Rob's involved.

Since this is an old thread, go check the Blade from 8/7.

Two shows have been held there, as far as I know, on Friday and Saturday last week.

The city made $6000 from them.

So they recouped nearly 10% of their investment in one weekend, and these weren't even big acts. The Bridges are well known locally, but they're not national acts like New Found Glory.

So what, Rob has a criminal record and owes the IRS money. Why on earth does that matter? He's not signing government checks. He books bands. And he promotes them. And he does both of them very well.

You want to know the truth? Rob FIRED me. Seriously. He let me go. I have absolutely NO reason to kiss his ass. I'm just speaking the truth.

More troubling than all the side stories of this debacle is the simple fact that your tax dollars are being used to put other Toledo businesses out of businesses. The vendor who called this morning was very clear that not only he but other vendors who work the venue at Headliners would now be cut out of any action at the Civic Theatre at which the Headliner shows will now be held. Jed's also just opened at Headliners and they will lose business. According to Mr. Croak he expects to hold weddings, concerts, festivals etc. in the building. This is business that could and should be held in the halls and banquet facilities around the city which actually pay property tax, and put people to work who pay payroll tax.
Amazing that our city council people do not see the clear line drawn between public and private business.

Any statement I make is the opinion of me exercising my first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and is generally permitted.

Does anyone remember years ago when TARTA was sued by private transportation companies over TARTA's bidding on contracts in the private sector (examples would be the buses the Parade of Homes would charter, the Trolley used for weddings, etc.) As I understood the lawsuit, the private entities were citing a federal law which prohibits government-subsidized services from competing in the private sector for contracts because it created an unfair advantage - the government (i.e., the taxpayer) was in essence subsidizing the lower bid put out by TARTA to whatever private event they bid on. The private companies won the original lawsuit. Is this situation any different and is it something that Headliners and other banquet halls, etc. should look in to? It's possible the law only applied in the transportation sector, but may be worth looking in to.

Existing businesses are getting pummelled by the city. Many tavern owners are loosing their asses and this facility gets a build to suit deal from the landlord. Is the owner / operator putting in any money of his own? How does the city make money on this arrangement?

Why doesn't the sity open-up a car dealership and sell all kinds of vehicles, new and used? Because automobile dealerships would sue the city and stop them. Bar owners aren't organized enough to take the city on.

Big Jim

Who is Rob Croak's good friend? Maybe it's Jon Stainbrook? Who is John Block's good friend? Could be Rob Croak. Where did John Block used to check ID's? Mmm could be Frankies. Who runs the Mayor of OUR town? Uhmmm that would be Mr. Block.

Kind of funny how Croakie has been allowed to reopen Frankies recently, isn't it?


This is so silly. You think this is a conspiracy?

Rob has always supported Carty.

Nobody needed to "allow" Rob to reopen frankies.

The only restriction placed upon Rob is that he can't own a Liquor license. So Rob runs the club, which has been owned by his family for ages, and he rents the bar to somebody who CAN.

This isn't rocket science, folks.

Frankies was closed for those years for a few reasons, mostly dealing with money or other business priorities that took Robs attention elsewhere.

Wow. People and their conspiracy theories.

One of the owners of Headliners called this morning and said this move by the city is/ and will steal business from him. That is all you need to know to realize that this is wrong on the city's part.

Any statement I make is the opinion of me exercising my first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and is generally permitted.

The man you refer to is Jon Anderson of course.

Jon Anderson is the VP and Office Manager at Verso Group. He's Robs right hand man.

My impression of the guys that ran Headliners is that they're boorish and not too bright.

And they certainly do not deserve the respect that you'd just take them at face value without checking facts.

Your employer is one of the sponsors of the events at ESM venue.

This is not a snide comment, but does your employer by their sponsorship of the event endorse the venue?

SherryET, Stainbrook used to check Id's at frankies too, of course he never looked real close. I was getting served at 19.

Time for us to get out the pitchforks and torches and storm City Hall.

Glenn Beck is doing the same thing. He's asking citizens to mail him a pitchfork as a symbol to the government that We The People are fed up and ready to clean out the crap currently residing in Washington DC

legal disclaimer (for you Carty since you are too stupid to understand the parody): The above statement is not a confession that actual violence will occur or is planned. Only a peaceful march of citizens holding farm implements normally used to muck out manure from barns and stalls. That would be YOU Carlton. You lying dirty crook!

Boss Hogg aka Carty


The citizens of Toledo love how Carty operates. He employs a time honored method of operation. It is better to do something first and if all goes wrong beg for forgiveness rather than first getting permission. And that is why Carty will win reelection to be the next mayor of Toledo.


Those citizens being the ones that don't read the newspapers, watch the news, or read editorials, or read the local blogs. They're more interested in their Lottery ticket results, NASCAR, and soap operas. Sheep.

Croak is not the only one arrested for forgery and a multitude of other counts - repeatedly. Danny Navarre arrested Rick Van Landingham again in St. V's Emergency room after he was beaten by DN's friends. Then last Fri. Carty's bulldog Sue Fredericks had a City crew, truck & front end loader spend half a day taking Rick's wood pile [18 inches above ground level] and his recycled good lumber pile to the land fill.


Benefits in ad dollars when it is a sponsor of the events at the very same venue that some of its staff rail against.

Someone allegedly steals something, benefits from it, and another party makes hay from the story and yet benefits from the alleged theft.

Kinda makes ya go...hhhhmmmm...

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