Death and taxes. Death can now be dealt with on eBay

If the term "priced reduced" means anything, maybe the hard economy is effecting the cemetery business too. Regardless, Ottawa Hills Memorial Park is making it easy to purchase plots by listing some on eBay. Now, from the comfort of your own home, you can purchase 4 plots for $4500, and according to the listing the appraisal value is around $7800. They say the only two things assured in life are death and taxes, well maybe you can get your plots now on eBay. Consider it an investment. :)

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Gross. I don't know why, but this just kind of creeps me out. :)

We bought 2 plots at this cemetary decades ago, when we were first trying to establish some credit. We've re-thought the whole burial thing - the funeral industry is a huge money making racket - and are now leaning towards cremation, so we were considering selling our plots because times are financially hard & we could use the money. When I spoke to somebody at this cemetary years ago about selling the plots, they told us we'd have to sell them on our own - the cemetary won't do it. IF we keep the plots & go with burial, it will mean the expense of caskets (thousands of dollars), and the required liner (same cost as the casket) - so we "don't leak". Then there's the added expense of the funeral home charges for showing, the hearse, etc. - funerals can easily run up to $10,000 or more - not even counting the plots. I am seriously going to consider selling our plots on ebay after seeing this. I've seen ads in the Blade classifieds for the same thing, so that's probably creepy as well.

Death has a way of sneaking up on people, and many people are caught very unprepared - no plots, arrangements made, no savings or life insurance. To be able to buy plots for less can be helpful. Also, there are people with terminal illnesses or quite elderly & know they're living on borrowed time. Most people don't know when they're going to die, and often put off even thinking about gross things like this. I remember when a representative from Ottawa Hills Memorial Park came to our house about 15 yrs ago, trying to high pressure us into buying our 'liners' - just in case - and I was so turned off, I couldnt talk to the man. 30 yrs ago, I refused to discuss life insurance for my husband with our insurance co. - too morbid to think about at that young age, and I was afraid I'd jinx my husband's mortality by discussing it (I never said it made any sense).

Anyway - I'm become disqusted by the funeral industry. Embalming was never required - they only started doing that to preserve bodies of soldiers who had to be sent home for burial. They used to view the bodies in the family parlor, no embalming, no expensive caskets & liners ("If you really want him to know how much you loved him, this is a really nice casket") , no crazy high fees for funeral home showings, no floral industry preying on the grieving,

Also, at Ottawa Hills Mem.Park, they don't allow tombstones - only nameplates that lay flat on the ground to mow over for neatness. If I did decide to be buried, I want a big ass, gawdy tombstone that reads "She was here, now she's not".


Costco sells caskets and urns.


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There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at

I told a coworker today that I'd be just fine with having my carcass thrown in a pit and burned. LOL
Who cares once you're dead what happens to your body? Your eternal soul and spirit are what one needs to take care of. :)

In some places in America, you can have Green funerals - where there's no embalming, the body is wrapped in a white sheet or something & buried in the ground - as is. The Blade had an article about it years ago. I personally just can't justify the expense of funerals - I've heard so many people say that they'd spent over 15 grand, and they weren't anything special. I think it's more about making the survivors feel they cared enough - but for who? The dead don't know or care. Unless somebody has always envisioned a grand funeral with a pricey satin lined casket & having everybody they ever knew show up at the funeral home for the showing only to exclaim "He looks good, doesn't he?" - Compared to WHAT? They never look good. I imagine the whole funeral process has to be incredibly hard to get through for the family. I've never been a grave visitor - unless it's a really old graveyard (they're great to wander through), or I'm already there for somebodies funeral. I can't imagine anybody making a special effort to visit my grave - they all know how I feel about it. (I'm not really in the ground - I won't know if you visit me or not.) And too often, funeral expenses get foisted onto the survivors who can ill afford it, and get taken advantage of at their weakest time.

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