Toledo could do no worse, such optimism

AIRLINE passenger service may be iffy at Toledo Express Airport these days, but there should be no doubt now or in the future about the airport’s ownership.
Toledo Express was built by an earlier generation of Toledo taxpayers and it should remain under the city’s control, notwithstanding the reported private talks between municipal officials and the Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority.

In fact, a good case could be made for an early end to the port authority’s management lease on the airport, due to expire in 2029.

The port authority, now beset with its own crisis of leadership, has turned in an uninspired record since 1973, when it took over airport management. Toledo could do no worse, we believe, with its own commissioner of aviation in control.

Yes, the city has severe budget problems, but that’s no excuse to solve them in shortsighted fashion by giving up the airport in exchange for a temporary infusion of cash, if indeed that is what the city and port pooh-bahs have in mind.

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The Blockade mis-spelled "Commissar", didn't it? Maybe even "Czar". Hmm. "Czar". That sounds particularly close to ... naaaaah! It can't be!

Anyhoo, the port authority is not under a "crisis of leadership" more than it's under a "realization of relevance". With little port activity to manage, and little coming in the future, the PA is just another local institution that has outlived its usefulness, if even it was ever useful. Every such organization wants to continue living -- and its officers continuing to be paid so handsomely -- even though its tasks have vanished ... even the most overblown "needs".

I've said often enough that Toledo needs LESS government, and that overall government in the city is obsolete. The PA makes my case for me.

I guess it never occurred to the Blade's editorial writers that Toledo Express has lousy passenger service because of our proximity to Detroit Metro. Just compare the two:


Distance between One Seagate and TOL: 21 Miles

Distance between One Seagate and DTW: 44 Miles

Travel Time

Time of travel from One Seagate to TOL: ~30 minutes

Time of travel from One Seagate to DTW: ~50 minutes


Parking at TOL: $7 per day in Long Term

Parking at DTW: $10 per day at the Big Blue Deck


Airports with direct flights to TOL: Chicago O'Hare, Detroit, Orlando-Sanford, & St. Petersburg-Clearwater

Airports with direct flights to DTW: Way more than four.

The two airports are relatively comparable until the destinations are examined. Direct flights trump connections any day of the week because a connection adds a minimum of two hours to a trip. Once you've missed a few connections due to "weather" and have to swallow the bill for a hotel room, you realize how important a direct flight is to travelers. Unless TOL is vastly cheaper than DTW or DTW is moved to Oakland County, I'm flying out of Detroit and there's nothing the city can do change my mind.


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There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at

from the article: Lest there be any mistake, it should be known that this newspaper will doggedly oppose any measure that would result in loss of the airport as a city asset.

So a paper that hasnt turned a profit in a decade is in total support of an airport that has the same track record?

Sorry, Blade - but the airport doesnt have their version of Buckeye Cable to pay it's bills for it - you need to pipe down.

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