Manufacturing losses exact rising toll in northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan


Northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan have lost nearly 5,300 manufacturing jobs in less than two years, according to state and federal unemployment filings. And another 2,100 high-paying manufacturing jobs in the region are scheduled to disappear from the Toledo-area’s economic map in the next several months.

Politicians rail against the loss of high-paying manufacturing jobs — especially in their own constituencies — but then say they are powerless to fight the global economy, or openly support policies that contributed to the job losses.  (cont.)

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I'm sure some nitwit far-leftist tree hugging moron will try and disagree, but the FACT is that the U.S. auto industry WILL DIE unless there is more and cheaper oil.

GM and Ford are planning layoffs due directly to high gas prices.

"The largest U.S. automaker already lowered its planned North American production this year by 138,000 pickups and sport-utility vehicles after record gasoline prices crippled sales."

"New contracts with the UAW signed last year were supposed to pave the way for elimination of the jobs banks and make the companies more competitive on health care and wages for new hires. But the restructuring plans did not account for the huge drop in sales and the shift by consumers to smaller vehicles that have resulted from soaring gas..."

"With rising fuel prices, a softening economy and a downward trend on current and future market demand for full-size trucks, a significant adjustment was needed to align our production with market realities,” GM North America President Troy Clarke said in a statement"

"The world's largest automaker by sales said Monday that the cuts, to take effect starting this summer, were brought on by weak demand due to high gasoline prices ..."

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

BlowMe, you’re a broken record… Once again oil pricing are high because of a weak dollar and unregulated market speculation. Worldwide oil consumption is up on 1-2% per year for the last few years and it’s even down for the US. Yet oil prices are up few hundred percent. I.e. weak dollar and rabid speculation…

If the oil companies want to drill, go ahead and drill on one of the 68 million acres of land they already have leases on.
The fact is oil companies refuse to use their record profits to explore for more oil… Even if oil companies wanted do off shore drilling, all the ships even capable of deep water off shore drilling are booked for the next years.

The car companies made their beds when they refused to invest into fuel efficient technologies over the last two decades. Every time CAFÉ standards were about to be raised, the auto companies would bitch that it would cost the US “10’s of thousands of jobs”. Yet every year thousands of jobs would be lost anyway.

The car companies made their bed…
For a fun and educational read Google “chevron nimh”*&sa=X&oi=spell&res...


Did high gas prices in Europe (note well that gas in Europe is over $6/gal equivalent) destroy the European auto companies?

No? Then why would it destroy them here?

Could it be that the American car companies (i.e. the OWNERS and MANAGERS, not the UNIONS) refuse to tool up to produce fuel-efficient cars from their lines? That's about the only reason why they will be "destroyed". In fact, that happens to individuals, when their products or services are unwanted and they have to change what they produce or provide or simply become homeless.

Given that that's all the case, LCBM, I just don't see the problem. The high price of oil is really not the problem; the problem is that the OWNERS and MANAGERS (i.e. not the UNIONIZED WORKERS) won't change, hence prefer to collapse their companies. Well, that's their right.

when just last week four of the more democrat "middle-rungers" came to Toledo to "coerce" a judge to "allow" her staff to unionize?

Actually they will adapt and produce cars that meet the consumer demand and they supply more and in the end be smaller companies and more nimble ones at that.

Shedding the legacy costs of pensions and health care for retirees, both blue collar and white collar.

The changes have been coming for 30 years and the auto industry just realized it now.

From the article:

U.S. Rep. Marcy Kaptur, a Democrat from Toledo who has represented Ohio’s 9th Congressional District for more than two decades, said manufacturers in the United States are forced to compete on an uneven playing field in the world market.

“Essentially, American firms and the American people are being asked to compete against communist economies, managed economies, closed economies, and these create unbearable hardships,” Miss Kaptur said.

She said other countries subsidize the health and pension costs shouldered by corporations here, adding thousands of dollars to a car’s price, for example.

“I would relieve the legacy costs on our manufacturers through tax policy,” Miss Kaptur said. And while some would seek to characterize her stance as protectionism, she prefers the label “reciprocity.”

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