What are "At Large" councilmen for?

What is the position of At Large councilman for?
What do they do for me as a citizen?
Is it proper that there are an equal number of them as compared to district council?
Do other cities have At Large council?
Would we be better off with only district council?

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I thought in theory they were all supposed to represent the entire city, not just the district that elected them.

When I write regarding council issues, I send it to all members since their individual votes will affect me whether or not they represent my district. Interestingly enough, of the at-large members I have yet to receive a response from Copeland, Sarantou, Shultz, Sobczak or Szollosi. McNamara responds every time. I live in #5 and #5 Waniewski, #6 Webb and #2 Collins also respond every time. Never got a response from #1 Brown, #3 Craig or #4 Ashford.

We'd be better off with three fewer at-large, a less cumbersome and odd number to avoid tie votes.

I bet the "At Large" councilpersons can't (or won't bother to) answer the question.

I thought there were nine at large city council people...I refer of course to Konop, Gerken and Skeldon-Wozniak as the remaining 3.

Maybe it's just me, but living in Lucas County but outside the city limits, it seems like our interests "out here" are not very well represented by these three.

Just an observation....

Good point wonder. You'd think a councilman would be able to answer pretty quickly (and accurately) - rather than tap dancing around the question with 'duh, not sure'.

Pretty rude response, troy. I realize you don't care what I think either, especially since I dont' listen to your show (I don't have the radio on that early). But if this is any indication of your personality, I sure won't bother to listen in the future. The last thing radio needs is one more nasty radio jock.

When the city, twice blocked my e-mail domain. Blocked as in, would not get to where it was intended.

Other members, have responded, but not the Council President, straight into the trash go the e-mails. Great communicator.

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