You can tell it is an election year. Now state Reps are encouraging Cubbon to accept the union.

If you did not see, other politicians are jumping on the "gang up" on Cubbon bandwagon. I do think that she does have courage because she knew full well what her decision would bring. That just highlights the gravity of the situation and for politicians to hold press conferences to just state their point of view is shallow compared to decision that Cubbon made, but it is an election year :).
State Representatives Matt Szollosi (D-Toledo) and Edna Brown (D-Toledo) will host a news conference with other state legislators today concerning the ability of employees at the Lucas County Juvenile Court to organize with union representation.

Court employees have voted to form a bargaining unit, but the Court reversed an initial decision and now has stopped the employees’ effort to organize. Reps. Szollosi and Brown have sent a letter to Juvenile Court Judge Denise Cubbon, asking her to reconsider the situation and allow employees to negotiate for better wages and work conditions.
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