"Toledo’s mayor introduces “the wacko factor.”

When will enough be enough, Carty?

Haven't you driven off enough tax revenue to benefit your neighbors? And you can't figure out why Toledo dosen't have any money to support your pet projects? And who are you to worry about what is going on in someone's bedroom?

You're a worthless and selfish dinosaur that is clinging on to your old violent reputation to support your revelance in the community. Sure, breaking your wife's arm and flying her to a hospital out of the area didn't happen, nor did the violent work environment your micro-managing created which purged Toledo of many overqualified people that would have encouraged growth and tax revenue. Nope, no broken coffee cups or other assorted broken items have to be removed from city inventory because of your juvenile and unprofessinal tirades because you aren't getting your way.

You are the example mayors of other communities must replicate to ensure complete and total success of their own communities.

Just look around your community to realize your "success story", Carty. So you level some houses and put an extra cop car in the neighborhood for a few weeks. Job Growth? Sure, when the employees are travelling to the suburbs to work because you drove their company out of town. Economic Development? You are the poster child of the joke you've made that department.

Oh but because you think you "heard" something about someone getting a little something something on the side, and that qualifies you to bring it to light?

You really don't give a shit about lawsuits when it's not your money you're spending, right?

Sorry, Carty, but speakin from outside your bubble that you and your cronies dwell within, it's crystal clear that your unprofessional approach to your job and your lacksidasical concern to your community truly reflect the failure you've finally shown yourself to be.

And it's has to be somewhat difficult to know that the local media isn't as "accomadating" to hushing up your own transgressions, as you can tell from this story.

But no worries for you, seeing you've driven everyone out of Toledo except for your lemmings. Poor as they may be.

The question now becomes: "Who are you going to throw in front of you this time?"

Man, this douchebag makes it more and more difficult to brag about being a Toledoan.

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Bri, most of this information was known at the time he was re-elected into his current term. Despicable and actually clinically-insane though he may be, we must concentrate on the people who are really to blame: the Toledo voter.

Even today, people will claim that they like Czarty for his "enthusiasm". That's about as bad a sentiment as placing the cheerleader in the coach position. That particular sentiment has no regard for sane judgment. We must hammer this point home again and again, or else Czarty's incumbency will be the driving force over the next lackadaisical candidate.

Of course, Ford in his "holding pattern" position on the TPS Board is likely to run, and become the Candidate B to Czarty's Candidate A. (No Candidate C or more are allowed, in our Faux Democracy.) We need to point out Ford's inqualifications, too. If we don't, it'll be A Team and B Team of the same source of corrupt cretins.

the guy who handed the steamplant to Jimmy Jackson and David Ball and then GAVE them $300,000 on top of that.

Another douchebag that has been publically outed as a racist. And Jack's alleged claim to Toledo lore is swinging from the supports on the Hi-Level, naked, wacked on crack and threatening to kill himself. My brother really enjoyed being tied up in THAT traffic jam.

Jack did nothing except invigorate the silent racism that divides this community. Oh, and have his buddy Frank Szollozi root for him. And you just know what bed Frank sleeps in.

I can't understand how someone in the business world wouldn't want to bring Toledo from the depth of the slime it now dwells within and put the "rescued and revived Toledo" feather in their cap.

'Port flap raises questions about mayor’s motivation
Some say he’s been left out of the loop on projects"

I said this before, he gets left out, or perceives that he is being left out and the chairs start flying on 22.

The people dealing with the intermodal are county, state and fed level people.

A mayor of a city, unless of course it the person is the mayor of a very large city, Chicago, etc., should speak with the people and get the concerns and ideas across but the person should let the other people do the work, this is a not a city issue, this is a regional issue.

Watch when the proposed Port Authority open in the area, to the south and west of Toledo, war will break out when businesses set up there and not in Lucas County.

There is a pattern to the out bursts.

when he went to see his stepson in the Ottawa County Jail and threw the "Do you know who I am" at the locked door and camera?

Oh, and please don't think for a second that city council isn't involved, but right now it's the Finkbeiner that's meddling in affairs that don't even involve him, and something needs to be done before Jeep moves.

(edit: Altho his weaseling in on the coke plant thing and destroying that wouldn't be a bad thing.)

when he finally loses it at a public meeting and tries to physically assault someone.
Who's it going to be?

Enlightened statesmen will not always be at the helm.
-James Madison, Federalist No. 10, November 23, 1787

"And who are you to worry about what is going on in someone's bedroom?" ------------Ok, what'd I miss? Who's doing who that Carty's upset about??

(Is that true about Carty breaking his wife's arm & Jack naked on crack on the bridge?)

From what I understand it was his wife's wrist that was broken. Carty managed to make a deal and got out of it. This isn't his current wife; it was his first wife.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

still makes him a wife beater...

Proof, people, proof?

Any statement I make is the opinion of me exercising my first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and is generally permitted.

It's well known amongst the police force. The cops came to get Hizzoner, and on the way downtown, Sheriff deputies stopped the TPD car and took Hizzoner back home. You're not going to find an official record of that .... by design. But select TPD officers know of this event well enough.

It would be the same for The Stain and his, er, "unbuckled event", if he had commanded more political power ... but since he's a dweeb, we ended up with an OFFICIAL report with copies that can be passed around. But the wife's-arm event? Nothing official exists. That's what happens when you routinely put immoral people in charge of government. Official reports come from THEM, and with the bark of a command or the non-stroke of a pen, those reports either vanish or fail to be made.

Wait. Are you trolling us?

They covered up his fat-ass naked on the bridge party too.

Now they claim it was just a broken down UPS truck... and that's a toughie - because I can see the resemblance!

how the hell the UPS driver got that "truck" that far up the suspension?

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