City is pondering privatizing trash service

As mentioned on WSPD a few weeks ago:
The city of Toledo is seeking estimates on the cost of privatizing the city's trash collection services.

Mayor Carty Finkbeiner's administration is seeking proposals on a five-year contract to collect trash in all or part of the city, starting in April, 2009, according to an announcement posted on the city Web site Friday.

George Sarantou, chairman of City Council's budget committee, said the notice doesn't mean the city will definitely switch from city-run garbage collection. He said the request for proposals is aimed at evaluating the cost of private pickup.

"Any prudent leadership in a Midwestern city today has to think outside the box, has to think of different ways to deliver city services and save money," he said.
I was at the meeting George was at where he talked about it. He said the Unions probably won't have a problem with it because the large trash companies are already Teamster unionized. From the discussion, I thought that they would have already talked to the Unions, but it appeared that on Thursday the sent a letter to the Teamsters. Very interesting. We will how this develops.
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The administration runs the city, as in any management would.

It is within the management rights of the city to drop or close departments, unless of course, some where, some one, didn't include some language that said they could not.

I urge Toledoans to remain alert for a "front loading" scam, where the service is outsourced for a significant fee from the company up front, which the Council will use to make the budget seem better for a few years. After that, the company with the contract will load up the city with all kinds of charges, which will more than make back that initial fee.

That's what happens in business. Unless of course you don't have good attorneys read and write the contract (which apparently happens alot to Toledo City leaders).

Get a contract with what is called "Contract escalation clauses". That is where you have the right to terminate the contract if the price increases are going to exceed a pre-set limit. I'm not sure, but I think government also has the option of inserting a "Termination clause for Convenience of the Government".

For instance, most builders have contract excalation clauses with a cap on labor at 3%.

In other words, if the contract increase goes above 3%, the contract is VOID and can be sent out for bid again.

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

I had the same question and concern, when I contacted BFI and others to farm out the trash collection when I was a board of health member in a small town in New England.

BFI and the others put really great deals out for the first or second year.

They avoided the questions till I pressed about the later years, yes, we could expect our contracted cost to rise, as their costs would rise.

We didn't contract with them and made our system better and saved the money and gave it back to the town, through cost savings, and lower budget requests.

The one decent service this city provides is our trash service. Privatizing will not only be more expensive per household...the service will be very limited compared to what we get now. Toledo has enough things they should fix...instead of trying to fix something that's not broken. Every single person I know who lives in the burbs...ends up paying way more for their trash service through private companies. They also complain about all the trash trucks on their streets everyday of the week because not everyone uses the same company...and they all have different pick up days. Not to mention...private companies limit what you can throw away...unlike the City of Toledo.


Toledoans would demand it stay the way it is if they were smart......but then, no one ever accused Toledoans of being smart.....if they change it just to get rid of more good-paying union jobs, you'll live to regret it. This is a thankless, filthy job no one wants to do, they suffer in all sorts of weather, etc; and you still get virtually unlimited pickup. Stop bitching.
And it wasn't their fault you got double-dipped for trash pickup-that was Carty and the folks on council that smelled a way to get/bleed more money.


"Oh, Bother!" Said Pooh, as he chambered his last round.


'I used to have compassion, but they taxed it and legislated it out of existence.'

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