Bloggers Vote for Toledoan of the Year 2008

On Wednesday July 23rd 2008 the 2nd annual Toledoan of the Year awards will be handed out.

Please submit your suggestions for who you truely believe should win. Lets see how close we Bloggers can get in the following catagories. Humanitarian, Innovator, Mentor, Business Community Investor, and Leadership. Unlike the actual awards I will not hold you to their " positive " standards.

I would like to nominate the on air staff at WSPD for their roles as Mentors of the Year. For their tireless efforts. Both in supporting the First Ammendment of the Constituition and for their positive enlightenment. Shining the eye of truthiness on Toledo politics in general. Hell they may even qualify for Business Community Investor for all the time spent promoting intermodalism.

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I nominate Fred LeFevbre for his diligence in exposing the truth about our elected officials' shenanigans, and for all the flak he takes from them and the public for it. Like him or hate him, he's doing a great job that no one else has the balls to do so publicly.

Thank you Fred. If it weren't for your show and all the reporting and the research involved, I would never hear the whole story on what our local politicians are up to.

Well, Fred always says the voters of Toledo are stupid. So he just may have a chance...

Pink Slip

Thurber. She is always kind, yet derermined to get the facts out.

Motion to nominate Maggie seconded. Has anyone been following the posts on her blog on Right online?

They picked a union guy and someone for one of America's finest newspapers ?

My Bad !

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