Some citizens are angry over the closing of the Northwest police station

Some citizens in the area of the Northwest Toledo Police Station are showing their anger over the changes that are about to occur. This sign is located on Tremainsville. Here is a photo of the Northwest Station (which happens to be about 1.5 miles from my house). The Toledo Police say the station will still be open, but it will in effect be closed down as an operations center. See also: WTOL Story - Kudos to WTOL for the embeddable code !!!
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Councilman Waniewski will be my guest Monday morning at 6:05a to comment. 1370 WSPD.

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I agree with the signs. We were flat out lied to about that police station. I was told by a door to door 3/4% tax supporter that my support of that tax would prevent this station from closing.

And then they say theyre closing it because crime's down in the area...

Uh... Ya THINK???

Maybe one has something to do with the other?? Let WT turn into a ghetto (the trend is starting, and visible to those living here, ie the post about gang graffiti, et al) and THEN maybe they'll restaff it?

Typical toledo thinking.

Ain't that the truth. Over the years as I drive back into WT for errands, I note the decline. You can't tell me crime is down in the area. All you're telling me is that the police have arrived at yet another way to dismiss crimes by reclassifying them.

I want to buy one of these Carty Sucks t-shirts

Is anyone here a member of their local block watch program?

I just watch out for things, as any citizen should be doing. I've chased some burglars (caught one) and have investigated some hit-n-runs. Now, if just a few more people would raise their awareness like that, our neighborhoods would become quite a bit safer.

South Toledo 

Really, all kidding aside.

The rest of us in the outlying areas saw it coming. There WILL be another COSI levy on the ballot. There WILL be another Tarta levy on the ballot. Next time, they will try to make the 3/4% PERMANENT etc etc

Toledoans have been bent over by the administration too many times, yet they still believe the crap that Carty and Co spew.

It looks like the majority of Toledo voters (the ones who elected the moron) will lap up Carty talking points the way a dog eats it's own vomit.

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

Posted: July 21, 2008 01:50 PM EDT
COSI will try for levy on Nov. ballot
From a news release:
TOLEDO - The Board of Trustees of The Center for Science and Industry (COSI) Toledo today delivered a letter to the Lucas County Commissioners asking that a levy request for the science center be placed on the Lucas County November General Election ballot.

The trustees request is for a five-year, one-sixth (.16) mill property tax levy. This is the same levy COSI has sought the past two general elections.

Posted TODAY on:

And the POST when I predicted that the Administration DOES NOT LISTEN TO YOU STUPID VOTERS, and would try to shove this COSI levy down your throats again:

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

... to hammer the points home that COSI is extremely cost ineffective, is a private venture anyway, and is facing ever-more-unaffordable energy costs in the Portside facility. Taxing everyone to provide for a minority's enjoyment is morally offensive to any sane society.

Of course, in Toledo, the latter point has few adherents.

If you'd been around ToledoTalk and Swampbubbles long enough, you'd have seen me deride the syCOSIphants fairly strongly. Let's hope that you'll join me in the next few months in doing it all over again.

I actually hope some COSI supporter comes knocking at my door! the city takes my police station away and then dares to ask me to support that farce?

Time to go back to school - remember Maslo's hierarchy of needs?

The one where personal needs like food, shelter and safety come BEFORE the wants of self-actualization?

Are we surprised that people are calling Carty a liar.? Toledoens love being lied to. If it weren't for the lies Toledo would really be a boring place.

All will be well as long as the Chief/Mayor don't cut the number of officers responding to calls. It will be interesting to see if they somehow determine that they don't need as many command officers, which will reduce the number of cops on the street or if they start combining overlapping districts and reducing the number of units. Then their promises will ring hollow.

If the TPD is short of funds, I'd think the very first item to go the way of the passenger pigeon would be the TPD Air Force. TPD does not need an Air Force. Ground the pilots and sell off the equipment.

If COSI is such a good thing, then let funding for COSI come from private donations. Stop funding COSI and similar ventures with tax dollars.

All this seems to be common sense to me, but I guess that Carty and the Toledo City Council are either too stupid to realize sanity when they read it (which is real possible) or they have some other agenda, which is equally possible. I'm betting that it's a combination of stupidity, greed and a large helping of corruption.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

The TPD Air Force is there for two reasons:

1. The chopper is run largely during the day, as a PR move. Of course, the chopper is a lot more useful at night, but ... well, also see point #2.

2. The chopper is yet another cushy job for a high-seniority officer, who of course avoids real police work like popping out of a car to nab some fuckhead breaking windows. High-seniority officers simply don't want to work anymore ... and they certainly only want 9-5 shifts.

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