Robinson Resigns From LCIC, Exclusive Interview 7:30a Friday 1370 WSPD

The Toledo Free Press broke the story this afternoon and I will have Rob on with me Friday morning at 7:30a. What anyone else says doesn't really matter since they haven't been involved in economic development. And if they can prove me wrong, bring it on. I am so tired of this city/county losing good people one after the other and no one raising a voice. My voice is raised.

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That some would be not so unhappy with an agency, funded with tax payer dollars, trying to get businesses to set up in the area.

Some tell us it is not for government to be involved in these matters.

So, when the agency self destructs, kinda would have thought some would be not so distressed over it.

Government should not be in the business of business, let the businesses just come here and set up and flourish.

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