Should Judge Denise Cubbon reverse her decision on Union Rep for workers ?

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commissioners who looked like puppets at a puppet show yesterday. Judge Cubbon gets some respect for standing for what she believes in. Not like Tina Skeldon Wozniak Etc... who flipped faster than a perch in the bottom of a boat on going it is non of our business to she needs to accept it.

Unions infiltrate every aspect of this town. Since it is against state law I see no point in recognizing them. Let them band together and scream and hollar. Let them pay thier dues and carry their signs. It won't affect anything until she runs for reelection.

Bite the hand that feeds ! Show them ethics.

From the article in The Blade: "We wouldn't do that," Mr. Wood said. "That is a stereotype from the past." Responding to questions about who was responsible for vandalism. What's the we you're talking about, Wood? The plug uglies waiting in the parking lot?

Also: The commissioners scoffed at suggestions that the UAW or its members might have been behind the tire-flattenings. "That's not the UAW's record in this community," Commissioner Ben Konop said.

Which is a bald-faced lie, and you, Ben Konop, are a liar, sir. I'll be happy to say that to your face once I get back to town, believe me. Of course, there's this: According to board of elections records, Mr. Konop received $15,000 from the UAW Ohio State Political Action Committee in his 2006 run for commissioner. In 2004, the UAW Ohio State PAC gave $27,000 to Ms. Wozniak and $77,000 to Mr. Gerken in their re-election campaigns.

I guess Konop's price is 15 large.

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Pete Gherkin, Frank Solousey, Inmate 06-368243, Skippy Ketsup&cabbage, all elite members of the 2002 City Council, all taking it in the ass for their Union Support.

Skippy's learned to keep his mouth shut after the "McCloskey Envelope" episode. But you still got Petey and Frankie "the douche" Solousey utilizing extortion tactics used back in the day, thank you Benjamin, to get what they want.

Yep, your local unions are fucking the whole community over and the douchebags from 2002 are driving the bus.

I am a firm supporter of the right to collective bargaining, and I have no axe to grind against unions in general.

However, the idea that the UAW is a bunch of soft-hearted, loveable teddy bears is hilarious. When I wrote about union-management problems at Jeep after the Myles Meyers shooting in 2005, I received emailed and phoned threats. Many workers I interviewed for the story were afraid to go on record because of fear of retaliation by union thugs, such as the brick through the home window of Calvin Buckmaster, a union dissenter.

While UAW officials are probably not ordering this kind of crap, they sure don't work very hard to rein in the thugs, and one might argue that thuggery is quietly condoned by Locals 12 and 14.

about how more important politicans are to unions than they are to thier community.

Unions suck.

Pete Gherkin had no reason at all to interfere. My God, the man has the influence to vote for the budget. AND he's "in" with the union.

Ethical red flags beating anyone else in the face?

There are rules that he Judge is following and she is well within her rights to do so.

But to "extort" by so many conflicted of interest angles that would make me dizzy thinking about, combined with the other two commissioners even commenting, just shows how truly sick it is to allow unions to intimidate just so the union president can drive his nice car and some thugs can make a couple of bennies puncturing tires and throwing bricks from the street at houses.

Says a lot about how apathetic people have become because of what these unions have done nothing for the community over all these years except to drive this community's political representation into the cesspool of greed.

(EDIT) How's that steamplant thing coming along?

To History Mike.

I don't believe Calvin Buckmasters story for one second.

I don't believe your stupid articles written with your personal union favorites sprinkled throughout, what a coincidence!

I believe you know exactly who posted the real union truth web site.

Maybe you should try harder to obtain facts for your stories instead of just repeating what your personal favorites tell you. That's not true journalism.

I didn't know that playing loosely with the facts is part and parcel of journalistic integrity.

I believe you are possibly the worst journalist in all of Northwest Ohio.

Go ahead and grind your axe, because that I believe that statement is also untrue.
You threatened to sue me for the crimes of writing a rebuttal to your "stories" and rest assured I have the right to freedom of speech. I very well may post the rebuttal here and feel free to sue me if you like. You can join Calvin Buckmaster in the "sue the lineworkers who don't belive the brick story club". Because I don't believe your stories, or Buckmasters stories.

It sounds like YOU have an axe to grind. I thought we buried the hatchet in 2005 when I met you for lunch, but apparently not.

As far as "threats" go: I told you straight out that your comments about me on the web site you operated were borderline slanderous, but that I had no interest in wasting my time clogging up the courts with a lawsuit that might not accomplish anything worthwhile. This was not a "threat" - it was a statement that I would rather make friends than enemies. You agreed that some of your comments were over the top, then we shook hands and you acted in an honorable fashion by removing the most egregious statements (i.e., that I was being paid by Jeep dissidents, and other conspiracy theorist or UAW disinformation slander).

Now, three years later, you come out of the woodwork talking smack with the personal attacks. These days, I could really care less, since I derive only occasional income from freelance journalism in my efforts to get my PhD in history completed. Yet it kind of bugs me that we last spoke on decent terms, but here you are sounding as riled up as you did in 2005.

What - did I cut you off on the freeway or something, dude? If not, three years is a long time to be carrying a grudge, brother.

As far as "favorites" - in the business of journalism they are called "sources." There are a half-dozen or more Jeep workers who send me emails or call me with information, even in my semi-hiatus while I work on my dissertation. Perhaps your Jeep faction would get more favorable press if they worked the media better instead of slamming writers who quote sources with whom they disagreed.

Just a thought. Have a good weekend, and call me for lunch if you have a hot news story. I have a thick skin, and I do try to get all sides of a news story.

1. I did not witness Cal Buckmaster's window getting smashed, though I have no reason to doubt his story, but you yourself shared with me in May 2005 how someone vandalized your truck, and how you believed it was tied to union politics.

2. I never knew the author of the "Real Union Truth" website, other than it was likely someone with PPEEJ. I am not exactly golfing or drinking buddies with these folks, but they know my number. However, even if they had they disclosed this to me, I wouldn't have been passing out that info, as it would have been unfair to a confidential source.

3. It really doesn't matter to me if you believe I was threatened, as this was long ago and - frankly - I found out later that the neo-Nazis were a lot more persistent in threats and harassment than any cheesed-off local 12 thugs could hope to be. As far as I am concerned, it was the work of a punk-ass coward, not a union-staged intimidation campaign. The calls came in on the caller ID as "Pay Phone," and the email headers had no useful IP info, so once the shock wore off, I all but forgot about it.

Still, the anonymous angry idiot who cussed out my teenaged daughter on the phone was a bit much, wouldn't you say?

You did threaten to sue me and you also swore to have nothing more to do with Jeep stories again, or play favorites, yet you backtracked on this statement repeatedly. Most recently when you personally intervened in an ongoing sting operation within the Jeep Plant and could possibly have caused additional serious problems there. You once again got your information I suppose from the usual sources, and I don't call that staying out of Jeeps' business.

I called you on October 14th 2005 and you proceeded to inform me at 4:30 in the afternoon about Calvin Buckmasters lawsuit to be filed against me. Your personal information supplier had evidently informed you of every detail. That's exactly what I call playing personal favorites. Buckmasters lawsuit cost me in excess of fifteen thousand dollars to defend against, and so apparently I am still angry.

The lawsuit was dismissed by his own attorney, whom I also believe is allied with you, and Buckmaster, and Windau, and I was completely ready to defend myself against the lies contained in the lawsuit.

I personally regard Calvin Buckmasters lawsuit as a vicious attack upon my family.

I personally regard Calvin Buckmasters brick story as a vicious attack upon the family and reputation of our former Union Local 12 Chairman Nick Vuich.

I personally regard your ongoing involvement with Buckmaster and Windau as proof of your taking sides in a union political process you don't belong in.

I personally regard your lies about me on the toledo talk website to be further proof of your involvement with Buckmaster.

I personally regard your outing of a confidential and sensitive Jeep Police sting operation to be further proof of your continuing involvement with your personal information suppliers at Jeep.

You are and have been personally involved and continue to be to the obvious detriment of anyone who may politically oppose your personal favorites.

Good luck with your history studies, perhaps I'll write to Dr. Jacobs and ask him why members of his History Department are so intimately involved with the inner workings and politics of the Jeep Plant.

And finally, perhaps I'll call the Physics department as well, and ask them just how do you ask for the reward the DAY BEFORE the brick is thrown?

Have a nice day.

To HistoryMike, Regarding your last posting, let’s stay on task here.

1. I gave you twenty one reasons to doubt that "brick story"story on my website and I’ll post them here tomorrow if you like? What’s he going to do, sue me again for not believing that asinine story?

2. That (realuniontruth)website was posted upon the internet and immediately, within hours of its creation, “found” by both you, and “found” by members of ppeej, what an incredible coincidence!

You posted the incredible discovery about that stupid (real union truth) web site on Toledo talk as part of your campaign against me, while apparently acting as a witting or unwitting ally of the ppeej group.

This is really not the way an unbiased and responsible journalist should behave.

3. I never said anything about believing whether you were threatened or not.

I said you threatened to sue me and indeed you did. Because I looked at your story and found more holes in it than a brick of Swiss cheese!

Let’s stay on task here if you can and steady yourself. Please re-read what I actually wrote.

Correction: The correction, (Jeep Unit Chairman) Nick Vuich, not Local 12 Chairman.

Again, you attack the messenger rather than the message. Nice try at intimidation, though, with your not-so-veiled threat to harass me at an unrelated workplace. Sorry, though - the neo-Nazis already beat you to this intimidation tactic, calling the UT police with a bunch of scurrilous lies that wasted my and their time. You're a little late at this trick, but hey - it's a free country. Make any calls you want, Chris. I also teach from time to time at Lourdes, Owens, Monroe County CC, and Wayne State - maybe you'd have better luck harassing me at a different workplace. Oh - and I am working as an editor for Brill Publishing in the Netherlands - you could call them up and ask them why an editor is "intimately involved with the inner workings and politics of the Jeep Plant," as you put it.

I'm sure glad that you did this in a very public forum, though, in case I ever need to document your behavior. I hope I don't - I actually thought you were a decent guy.

I guess I was wrong.

I'm not harassing you at all, I'm responding to your continuing involvement in the political affairs of the Jeep Plant and your continuing involvement as the apparent water boy for Buckmasters big brick story.

It is you who has continued to carry an anti-union message without any real or concrete proof whatsoever.
I have the right to freedom of speech, and please do document this and all words written by myself. I was willing to overlook your initial legal threats to me on the basis of that people need to make a living, but however your allies, and (rest assured they are just that), apparently want to make sure I cannot make a living.

Virtually every word you write concerning Jeep or as the self- assigned permanent flag bearer for that asinine brick story, is twisted and distorted in an insidious manner reminiscent of some type of disinformation campaign. Where is any proof of your original statements here on this thread?

You write "Where UAW officials probably are not ordering this kind of crap, they sure don't work very hard to rein in the thugs, and one might argue that thuggery is quietly condoned by Locals 12 and 14."
Where is any proof of these blanket statements? Why?

What impression are you attempting to create here? Why?

Who provides all your information? Why?

You are just the poor little messenger boy being attacked you say? Why?

I say show some proof of your message before attempting to paint a false portrait of unions.

Where is the proof of any of your statements?

You act high and mighty and have made repeated references to "go sue me" and other similar statements on your blog site, and other online journals. I believe you are mockingly referring to me specifically, and feel free to continue do so.

Whenever anyone writes in to your web sites with any type of countering opinion to your own, you become apparently enraged and really "go off on them for failing to see your humor." I have numerous documented examples of this.

Allow me to clue you in on a few more facts that you are no doubt well aware of, but choose not to mention here.

The National Legal and Policy Center produces a “Union Corruption Update” to feed
antiunion stories to the news media. This is a right wing think tank with an anti-union message.

These stories are not fact checked for accuracy, they are simply repeated whether true or not.

Mr. Buckmaster featured this NLPC web site posting upon his very own world wide website after he had supposedly disowned his own misleading statements concerning imbezzlement, he then posted that article for months upon his own web site. Why would Mr. Buckmaster mention imbezzlement, then backtrack and say it was just missing vouchers, which was itself untrue, and then proceed to post an article for months, mentioning the original untrue charges of imbezzlement?

Mr. Buckmaster mentioned he was a part of the Union members for a Better Union but made no mention that they were also known as with their own web site. Why?

Mr. Buckmaster stated here that he was only a part of the website, but later stated that (he and only himself ) ran the web site with no help from anyone else. Was this about face done to help with assertations contained in his lawsuit. Why?

No correction made to the facts that Mr. Buckmaster apparently along with several others, ran the website. Why?

There was no mention made of the fact that Mr. Buckmaster waited for almost two months, until just before the May 2004 Jeep Unit election to go to the Detroit Free Press and make his numerous unproven allegations. If the supposed brick incident happened on March 3rd, why did he wait until April 28th?

There has never been one ounce of proof of any of Mr. Buckmaster’s numerous allegations and History Mike should by now be well aware of this, yet he continues to be the water carrier for Team Buckmaster-Windau and the other former web site members. Why?

Mr. Buckmaster supposedly complained about union meetings being canceled, yet now that his own people have been elected I haven’t heard him complain about canceled meetings ever again. Why?

Vouchers and canceled checks missing? What vouchers, and what canceled checks? Mr. Buckmaster has never come forward with just exactly what was missing, and just exactly what it pertained to, yet he threw these allegations about as though they were a matter of historical record. Why?

Someone went to the trouble of entering these unproven accusations into the Labor Archives of Kent State University as if they were all true. Why?

There was also no mention made of the flyers made up and passed out by the ppeej group allies of Mr. Buckmaster, and distributed to Jeep Unit members prior to the election. Who passes out hundreds of flyers when they “supposedly are attacked” and wait until the Jeep unit Elections to do that? Why?

Mr. Buckmaster stated in the Free Press article that it was the finances of Local 12 that he was concerned with. The next day in the Toledo Blade he stated it was the finances of the Jeep Unit. The finances are separate between the two. Which one was it, or was it both, and why has that point not ever been addressed? Why?

Mr. Buckmaster also stated in his Free Press article that, “It’s not a game”! Yet the preponderance of his various Toledo talk screen names and alias’ and alliances would suggest the exact opposite. Why?

For God’s sakes I haven’t even got to the twenty one reasons I don’t believe the “brick story” yet! Why?

To properly use the word reiterate, I will state again that you are perhaps the worst journalist I have ever had the misfortune to come across. You play games with the facts.

Feel free to post your Productivity article again, try the copy of the one from the Anarchist web site you yourself chose not so long ago, and I’ll post my rebuttal again. That one also has another ppeej ally writing in some false and misleading comments about me.

Feel free to post your History department colleagues online articles about Jeep and I’ll post my rebuttals to those also.

Feel free to post whatever you like and I’ll do the same.

When false and misleading articles about Jeep are repeatedly posted online by you and your colleagues in the History Department and treated as some type of truthful material, I have the right to have a countering opinion.

Maybe you could ask Buckmaster to come upon this website and give his own version or possibly yet another version of events to the readers here. I personally believe it would be hard enough to prove the first version. Which one of his many alias’ and screen names would he use or would he make up a new one? Why?

And finally, have your History Department colleagues reiterate their Jeep friend’s call for a “Marxist Class War within the Jeep Plant” as they help to do all they can to portray it as a Nazi forced labor camp. Why?

Have your History Department colleagues reiterate their Jeep friends call to “bring your guns to work.” Why?

And don’t forget that since I disagree with just about all of this that I have been falsely sued and my family finances hurt badly.

I am a decent guy. Just ask my wife and my little girl.

Ask my colleagues and co-workers on the line at Jeep.

This is another attempt at dis-information by you.

I personally don’t care what you and your allies think.

Your statements have continuously painted a false and misleading portrait of Jeep, and labor in general, all the while whining about being attacked.

You are being given a countering opinion and asked to show some proof of your many statements concerning both my workplace and my union.

When and if I ever go back to my great job of assembling Jeeps and installing mufflers and sway bars, I can do so with the knowledge that for a long time now there have been many there who seek to have my family ruined. These are your information sources as well, what a coincidence!

My activies include political opposition to the ppeej group candidates.

Organizing opposition and helping to assemble a slate of candidates to oppose them.

Drafting and distributing political letters supporting our own candidates.

Maintaining a countering web site called opposing the website.

Opposing and countering outside involvement in the union political process at Jeep by people who are supplied their information by members of Buckmasters former ppeej group.

That would be you and other members of the History Department . I have documented proof of this.

What we have here is an entire group of people working both inside and outside Jeep who wish me to be destroyed for the "supposed crime" of having a countering opinion against their opinions.

Where does all that tie in with the real union truth website accusing me of being a Brown shirted fascist neo Nazi union thug? Why?

Have a nice day, Chris. Post whatever you would like, and call whoever you feel you want to call. I am not going to waste any more time on this thread. I wish you no ill will, and I hope that you find happiness in life.

I have no desire to wish you "to be destroyed," as you put it, and I honestly haven't even thought about you since some time in 2005. That's not a put down, by the way, just a statement of fact that I have many irons in many fires, and your assumption that I am part of some cabal "inside and outside of Jeep" whose goal is to destroy you really sounds more than a little bt paranoid.

Of course, we are dealing with a world of union politics that is quite violent at times, so I suppose I can appreciate why you think that way, but rest assured I have no time or inclination to participate in a Chris Mantyla witch hunt. BTW - those comments from Toledo Talk you referenced of my about "brown shirted thugs" were made before our hatchet-burying session in May 2005. I had been merely returning the rhetorical volley after you accused me of being a Communist, a corrupt journalist, and all sorts of character attacks. After we shook hands, I ended my retorts.

And I refuse to waste any more time on this kind of counterproductive flame war, Chris. You're busy, I'm busy, and neither one of us benefits from Internet arguments about supposed conspiracies that go something like this:

You: "You're out to destoy me and the union!"

Me: "No way, pal, I have no beef with either. You're part of an effort to intimidate journalists and union dissenters!"

You: "HA! Proof of your complicity!"

Me: "HA! Proof of your complicity!"

Ad nauseum.

Again, I wish you well, and I hope that the union can achieve peace, love, and harmony. I grew up in a UAW neighborhood in Detroit, have dozens of UAW members as friends, and my kid's godmother is a UAW steward. Just because I have quoted UAW dissenters in articles does not make me a UAW hater.

Let me leave you with one tidbit: the article you referenced, "Productivity at Any Cost?" in the Toledo City Paper, won a 2006 Touchstone Award for news reporting, the highest honor for local journalists. Now, I say this not to toot my own insignificant little horn, but to let you now that one of the award committee judges was none other than UAW Region 2-B Director Lloyd Mahaffey.

Now, I might have some disagreements with Lloyd over the way the UAW conducts its business (or I might grouse about slashed tires, threatening calls, or bricks through windows) but I had to shake my head and thank him that night I took home this prestigious award. I publicly thanked him for his integrity in doing a fair job as a judge that night, as it would have been easy for Lloyd to have played politics in an article in which the UAW did not come out exactly smelling like roses.

But hey - we can agree to disagree about whether this article has any value, or whether I would write it differently in 2008 than I did in 2005, but remember this: I spend very little time thinking about Jeep these days, and I will always be happy to meet with you if you have news stories you think are being ignored by the media.

This guy Chris Mantyla doesn't sound like he's wound too tight. Other than acting psychotic, what's his problem?

Mad Jack
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this ain't no act.

Any doubts a PI is driving around behind this guy making sure he's not being followed?

I have used as sources on Jeep stories a number of people who belonged to a dissident union faction. Chris Mantyla supported the political wing personified by Nick Vuich, the former head union honcho at Jeep and an opponent of he dissidents. Thus, Chris assumes that I somehow give a shit about which Jeep faction wins union elections, and that my friendliness with his political enemies means that I must also be his enemy.

There was a bit of bad blood between Chris and I in 2005 when he created a website that accused me of (among other things) being a Commie, a corrupt journalist in the pay of the Jeep dissidents, and other such slanderous disinformation. I responded by airing some of this garbage on Toledo Talk, where I called Chris something like "a fascist brown shirt" and a "shill for the UAW." We later sat down for lunch, he agreed that I was not a Commie and I that he was not a fascist, and he agreed to pull the personal attacks he posted about me.

Of course, I have not spoken with Chris since 2005, so I have no idea why he is all of a sudden getting so worked up. My comment on this thread about union violence seemed to get him pissed. I would think Chris would be the first to agree union members sometimes resort to violence to push agendas, since he told me his pickup truck was vandalized during the 2005 "War of Websites" between his faction and the group known as PPEEJ.

I think that a person would have to be either an imbecile or blind to think that the attacks on the vehicles of Judge Cubbon were not related to the union organizing efforts. I said above that I doubted this was directed by the UAW leadership, and that it was probably the work of an isolated goon. Yet Chris gets upset whenever the UAW is shone in anything but a positive light, and he assumes that anyone criticizing the union must be out to destroy it.

BTW - look at all the vandalism and threats during the Blade strike. Do the actions of a few rogue goons mean that all unions are bad? Of course not, but the unons have a responsibility to rein in this horseshit. Unfortunately, some unions kind of wink at these dirty tricks and tacitly allow thugs to perpetrate criminal activity in the guise of advancing an agenda.

I'm not the king.

Unions served their purpose at one time, now they're dragging everyone down.

Now they're all about influence and power, manipulation and intimidation.

If there is no compromise, then there will be closure.

I referenced the comments from the separate web site called “real union truth” which you” introduced to Toledo talk readers”, and which happened to magically disappear from the internet three hours after our supposed hatchet burying talk at Burger King on Phillips Ave. I went there because you threatened to sue me. You asked me to pull my online rebuttal of your story, which I did.

I did not accuse you of being a communist either. I accused your Productivity story of being arranged with help from Buckmasters ppeej group members, and pointed out numerous factual inaccuracies in the story. Twenty or more false or misleading comments and inaccurate references contained within that poorly written story. All designed to portray the UAW as evil, and the Buckmaster backed political slate as Jeep members only hope for salvation. I still believe that’s a crock of bullcrap a mile wide and a foot deep.

Then the Buckmaster comment about how he had transferred to another plant for fear for his safety? He moved next door to the Stickney plant, part of the same facility!

I have never seen anyone and his group make these types of unwarranted and unsubstantiated allegations with no proof of any wrongdoing except Buckmaster and his ppeej group.

Then the supposed automotive expert chimes in: Your friend from the History Department.

Sprinkled throughout the Productivity story were ppeej members and their allies and I pointed this out.

I know you won an award. Perhaps if the rebuttal I wrote had been read by the judges you may not have won an award and I don’t care either way. Goody for you!

Lloyd Mahaffey is a good politician and tries to maintain good relations with both sides in any union political battles, as the results are oftentimes uncertain.

My point here is that you are completely bought into, supporting and spreading, Buckmasters unsubstantiated allegations continuously and repeatedly as if they were the gospel truth and you call that journalism? I take issue with that.

I call that political favoritism and manipulation, and taking sides, and I call that article you wrote political favoritism as well.

Tell the” big brick story again” and I’ll say I don’t believe it again.

I’m perfectly in control of myself and have until October to file a counter claim against Buckmasters untrue and damaging lawsuit against me. A lawsuit you knew about before it ever happened.

I also never once claimed the UAW was perfect as you suggest.

I simply asked you to please provide some proof of your own continuous claims and references to that asinine brick story.

You have repeatedly failed to provide anything remotely resembling real evidence.

Yet you keep endlessly parroting that “brick story” as if it was true, as if it proves your every point?

Your defense and attack is to question my own right to dissent and to disbelieve your own agenda, all the while claiming to be some type of victim.

I’m not paranoid in the slightest. You may hint or suggest that I am unbalanced, but this is not true.

I know there are people allied with your allies who wish me serious financial harm.

I actually believed we had good jobs at Jeep, and we were supposed to go there and work to make good vehicles, and you mocked me for it online.

I actually believed I had a right to engage in political activity including believing or not believing stories told by you and your allies. Apparently I was correct, in that the lawsuit brought to destroy me failed to do that.

I actually did not believe it is right to threaten your own co-workers with bodily harm online and said so in another rebuttal to one of these interrelated stories.

I actually believe I have a right to disagree with you, your stories, and the stories told by your allies.

I actually believe I have a right to ask you ”Where’s the proof?” You are supposed to be a journalist.

This isn’t even about the Judge, this is about you and me and I’m asking you to show a little proof of your many sloppy statements made without apparent regard to the provability of them, and I don’t care how much support you get from your little circle of online friends.

Maybe your supporters should read a few of those articles before they chime in with comments about my sanity.

There was a concerted effort involving numerous parties working together to paint and portray the Jeep workplace as some type of terrible Nazi forced labor camp, and prison facility, complete with T-Shirts sold, and false allegations made, and a real circus going on, and I believe that I have the right to oppose that, and to question that.

I believe that the German ownership and partnership with Chrysler was not such a bad thing, and that they may even prove in the long run, to be better than the current owners.

Have a nice day.

There was a bit of bad blood between Chris and I in 2005 when he created a website that accused me of (among other things) being a Commie,

Gee, I didn't know you were a commie... Ha!Ha!Ha!

Thanks for the explanation. I was reading the thread, kind of enjoying the discussion, and this loon drops out of the blue, ranting and raving about things that didn't make the slightest bit of sense. I've read heated discussions on SwB before, but usually there's a sort of warm up before someone blows a fuse and goes over the top.

Right, McCaskey?

Mad Jack
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required with me. But you already knew that.