Mayor Carty Finkbeiner discusses Toledo-Oregon coking factory, Matt Sapara, James Hartung and comments on Maggie Thurber

The Mayor chooses the Troy Neff Show to release breaking news to the media about information, or lack there of, on the coking factory

In this interview Mayor Carty Finkbeiner fills us in on the Toledo-Oregon coking factory. The Mayor talks in detail about how the project is moving and the conversation the he had with Matt Sapara, the development director for the port authority.

Carty also talks about how important it is that an independent investigation is conducted on James Hartung alleged impropriety.

Lastly, the Mayor addresses the off track comments made by Maggie Thurber about the City having a habit of not paying the bills

Mayor Carty Finkbeiner

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in Carty's voice that he is pissed at the Port. Time will tell if it is just personal or if he has a legitimate reason.

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