Michael Miller: Hartung Investigation UPDATE on the Troy Neff Show

Michael Miller, Editor in Chief of the Toledo Free Press, want's everyone
to know the Brian Schwartz was not the source for this story. He did say however,
that he believes that Carty Finkbeiner was trying to get a resignation out
of Hartung quietly before the story broke.

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is going to handle it when his own "transgressions" reach the light of day....

this whole story is going to start to get a whole lot bigger than any of us could have dreamed come Wednesday.

being strung out on crack hanging from the high level bridge naked yelling out to the jackholes to "come up here and knock me off" comes out too. Some people just do not deserve a "free pass".

Toledo deserves so much better.

Very true Brian. But Toledo has the government that they asked for. When opportunity for change comes they let it pass by. And Republicans have not offered any alternatives. Apathy is rampant.

that's happened and will happen changes the course to the sewer Toledo is on now.

There have been one too many lucrative companies that have relocated from Toledo because of the egos of a select few.

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