Heated discussions with the Mayor's office, in Toledo? Really?

Slow start for Toledo-Oregon coking factory draws ire
Drawn-out process adds to city-port rift

On paper, construction of a multimillion-dollar coking works on the Toledo-Oregon border near the Port of Toledo began months ago, to preserve regulatory permits for the project that otherwise would expire.

But in reality, not a shovelful of earth has been moved and officials working on the project now say that won't happen until late next month at the soonest.

The drawn-out process to resolve remaining issues could intensify a rift between the city of Toledo and the Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority. Mayor Carty Finkbeiner has complained in writing that he hasn't been kept updated on the project, but a port authority official responded that mayoral meddling was impeding progress.

"The project sponsors have related to me several very uncomfortable and heated discussions with [the mayor's] office," wrote Matt Sapara, development director for the port authority. "Due to these actions, I have been instructed by the project sponsors to not share detailed information with the city of Toledo."


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