Pedophile arrested in city park


Why in the hell would the TPD sex crimes unit lure a suspected internet predator to a public park? A place where kids play on a daily basis. In a relatively safe neighborhood. A spot where if they do not apprehend him he could possibly take his pick of those unaware of the danger. The location sounds like a pausable spot a child online may pick to hook up, if it was for real. Or was this the place the alleged criminal felt safe and picked. Either way the cops agreed to meet there. And I for one strongly disagree with that decision. Take this loser down in his own neighborhood. Shame him in his own house. He does not need to actually show up for an arrest to be made. This whole situation just sucks.

Then there is the liberal side of me that says. Don't Toledo cops have something better to do than troll the net to entrap the stupid. There are alot better ways to ensure the safety of kids than running this type of sting operation. Reportedly the first of its kind in this area.

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his slap him on the hand and release him. To speak out and demand justice of such criminals is now considered bigotry. For example, the Supreme Court in Florida just ruled that child sexual predators who are imprisoned are allowed to have pornography as long as its not relevant to their crime. Huh? This country has lost its common sense. Thanks pinko liberals!

Thanks pinko liberals!

You talkin' to me? You talkin' to me? Heh heh...

Seriously though, how do "liberals" get brought into this? Pedophiles are usually conservatives. Personally, I hope all pedophiles die a tortuous death.

Pink Slip

Pedophiles are usually conservatives.

If that's the case, then why do I see all those democratic yard signs in front of my local catholic church every election season??

And yeah, there have been more than one pedo-perv identified out of THAT very parrish...

I agree many sex pervs are conservatives...or claim to be. I'm not saying the pedophiles are libs...just the judges who let them off the hook

I think the perception that "liberals support pedophiles" comes from most anti-pedophile legislation is hindered by defense trial lawyer lobby's. They normally support Democratic candidates who are normally liberal.

Personally I don't believe anyone really supports pedophiles and that it's not really a D or R or even Conserv or lib divide.

But as much as I hate pedophile I do realize that as a society we deserve much of the blame for the recent spike in pedophiles. Look at the way we allow our kids to dress.

My wife's friend has a 6 yr old daughter and cannot find pants that aren't "hip huggers" AT KID'S STORES! Parents need to be parents and not best friends to their kids. Maybe if we stop dressing our kids like eye candy for pedo's then there wouldn't be a tendancy for pedo's and if we disciplined our kids instead of becoming our friends we wouldn't hear of these mom/dad hosted high school sex parties.



Thanks for clearing that up. For the record, this liberal agrees with you--don't go lightly on these scum

Pink Slip

Do you mean "city park" in general, or the actual park named "City Park"?

Just curious. City Park creeps me out a little...when my husband plays his softball games there, the kids and I don't go. I just don't feel comfortable taking them there.

I would imagine, in a sting where you hoping to catch a child predator, that this creep would be 'lured'' to the place where the cops hope to make an arrest - meaning, the meeting place would logically be someplace that a kid would would want to go to, or plan to be there. I doubt a kid could be lured to a store parking lot, or wherever - it's got to be a kid friendly place, or someplace that is likely to have kids around. I don't claim to know the law, but I think they have to catch the perp actually showing up in the pre-arranged location. To attempt to arrest the perp at his home, he hasn't done anything illegal yet (unless they find child porn, etc.) - I imagine it would depend on how 'leading' or incriminating his online jabber to the kid was. If it was vague, with no intent to harm shown, then what do you arrest the perp for? The cops want a charge that will stick, and not be thrown out in court.

This event happened in a city park not at City Park. It was Trilby Park.

The cops lured this man to a public location were kids play in order to arrest him. They probably did a background check on him. Knew his name address had his photo. Knew he made illegal contact online with a person he thought was a child. Then lured him into a meeting across state lines. Which could result in federal charges. He was arrained Friday.

Well, that's why I asked you the question about whether it happened at "a" city park or "the" city park. It was hard to tell from your initial post, and I hadn't seen anything in the media.

(And thank you for responding...I was just curious as to where specifically it happened.)

MikeyA - there have always been pedophiles - whether there are more now, than 50 or more years ago, remains to be seen. More likely, people just learn more about them now, they're shown on the news, sting operations via computers, etc. I agree, nobody likes pedophiles (except those who are perhaps). I agree that the media/styles/culture of this country have created an atmosphere where young girls are sexualized earlier than ever (fashion, media, music, movies, child beauty pagents, etc.). However, I have to disagree with you that there is an increase of pedophiles due to any of the above, especially due to how young girls dress or the clothes available for sale. A person is either a pedophile, or they are not. They do not become pedophiles & develop a new urge to have sex with children, just because they see an 11 yr old girl wearing clothes that are a bit too revealing or 'too much' for her age. Just as the idea that if somebody is homosexual or a transvestite, they are more likely to molest a child (not true at all). One does not precede the other.

MikeyA's comment reminds me of the backwards thinking of people who used (or still do) say about a woman who was raped - "Well, she went out wearing that short skirt, like she was asking for it". No woman deserves to be raped, and to blame her rape on how she was dressed is absurd. Rape is not about sex - it is about control & power & anger. To suggest a child was molested by a pedophile because of how her mother dressed her is insulting.

I would bet that any heterosexual man on this forum could see a cute 11 yr old in the clothes I described walk by & not have dirty thoughts about her - I doubt mikeyA would get aroused by an 11 yr old girl, regardless of how she's dressed. Why? Because MikeyA is not likely a pedophile, and will not become one just by seeing scantily dressed young girls. I dont claim to know a lot about pedophiles, but I would bet that they are attracted/turned on by sex (or the idea of) with children, regardless of how that child is dressed.

Having said all this, I do agree that kids seem to be encouraged to grow up far too soon - in their dress, speech, behaviour. The media, movies, music, etc. tell them that 'everybody's doing it', and they try to emulate young out of control celebrities & singers. And yes, this is where parents are supposed to stand firm, and BE parents & say "NO". However, in fairness to the parents, the clothing available for sale is limited. Not just for children, but females in general. If you doubt this, take a stroll through the children's or Junior's dept in any store & just try to find a pair of pants that aren't low rise. About a year ago, I posted a huge rant on swampbubbles about this very subject - as it pertained to me. I have to shop in the Juniors because the other depts are huge & look like old ladies clothes on me. Talk about demeaning - a woman my age, forced to dress from the Junior's dept without ending up looking silly. Imagine grown men having to find clothes in the "Boys dept. Women's clothes (and juniors) does the same thing - all low rise, or tops too tight, clingy & short & overly sexualized in a lot of things. I did a search of children's school uniform pants a year ago & even they were low rise. Go figure.

One thing that could help, is for men to stop sexualizing women - by ogleing, mens magazines, strip clubs, music, movies, etc. - young girls grow up learning very early on, what boys want. What boys want, is very often what they see what men want. Women often work hard to dress & look like they think what men want, as do their daughters. It's been this way forever, and the first step in changing it, is to get men to change it. Imagine strip clubs surviving if no men went to them to gawk.

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