Mosh Pit Friday on Eye on Toledo with Chris

Tune into 1370 WSPD Eye on Toledo from 6-7 PM tonight because I will be hosting. Also, visit this post around 6PM, I will have a special treat for you. Since it is mosh pit Friday, you can call in with your topics or issues 419-240-1370 or 1-866-231-1370. You will still need to tune in online and/or listen to your radio, but do that then stop by here.
TV Show hosted by Ustream

There will be no promises that this will work, and it will only be a treat for you swampbubblers (don't call in asking questions about the stream and I most likely won't be able to post or read what is here during the show).

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Great show tonight Chris. Thanks for taking my call. I never imagined that I would have the chance to participate in a Mosh pit! {smile}

Thanks for calling in. I appreciated it! I did not realize it was you.

Billy, just two choices because that is the traditional protest tools, although if you heard (cringe) other callers did provide other choices :)

I hope that you all enjoyed the stream, I am practicing up on it for future useful uses ;)

Tar and feathers vs torches and pitchforks?

How bout this one - for as much as Hizzoner the Mayoron likes his landscaping, what if he builds us a nice grassy knoll?

I feel this was my best show to date, but I still have room to improve. WSPD already posted the podcast:

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