In light of the big apt. fire, City council may consider tighter fireworks regulations

Fireworks are dangerous. Except for the smallest ones, they should be handled only by professionals
56% (29 votes)
The neighborhood displays are awesome. They should be allowed to go on.
44% (23 votes)
Total votes: 52
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I live in Sylvania Twp, out near where it starts to transition into a rural area. On the 4th, my husband, kids, and I went outside in our yard with blankets, knowing that inevitably we'd end up seeing lots of fireworks. (Several people near us put on fairly impressive amateur displays every year.)

But I tell you what...if i lived in a more densely populated area, I wouldn't be very happy about displays like that. Too dangerous for a city neighborhood where homes and people are close together. I wouldn't blame city residents one bit for wanting tighter fireworks regulations.

(I grew up in a rural area, and my dad used to put on a fireworks display for our family cookout and our neighbors on the 4th every year. But he was hyper-conscious about safety...he actually used to be present when our local fire department did our town's professional display every year, and he followed the same safety precautions. Unfortunately, not all amateurs who decide to light off fireworks bother to give the same strict consideration to safety.)

One bad incident is not an excuse to place restrictions on everyone. When will our culture finally learn that lesson? More law doesn't mean more justice -- it means LESS.

Lighting off fireworks that endangers buildings is ALREADY illegal. So, what, are we going to make them "double illegal"?

Council is going to pass legisation that will require mandatory double secret probation for any fireworks violations.

I don't know how I could have overlooked Dean Wormer's name on the last ballot. Was he appointed?

Except for the smallest ones, they should be handled only by professionals

I heard today that those smallest ones are what caused the fire. I was told that the fire was started by kids shooting bottle rockets off at each other down the hallways of one of the buildings, so what will excepting the smallest ones do?

When I was younger I remember a fire in a field that was started by a smoke bomb.

I thought that setting fire to someone else's home was illegal, but I suppose that another 'nuther 'nuther law will make it REALLY illegal, and then we won't have any more fires.

Right, Adolf?

This is a stupid reaction equal to the stupidity of the unsupervised youth that started the fire.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

....candles should be outlawed, too. I imagine they cause more fires each year than fireworks. And no more than 29 birthday candles to a cake....

Maybe clothing irons as well. I've been looking for reasons to wear wrinkly shirts into the office instead of ironing them ;)

madjack said "This is a stupid reaction equal to the stupidity of the unsupervised youth that started the fire." ..........and I would add, that the people who caused the fire were probably drunk as well. For as long as I can remember, it's been illegal to shoot off fireworks anyway. You can buy them in Michigan but not shoot them off there, & vice versa (I think?) The cops look the other way because it's impossible to monitor so many around the forth of July - other times, you have to catch them in the act I think, by the time cops get there, the fireworks are gone, as are the kids who set them off. People have been shooting fireworks off for a good long time - usually without incident. Sometimes, something bad happens - much like when you drive your car, sometimes, an accident happens. Or like was mentioned above - candles. There's been more than a few apartment & house fires due to candles burning. My dad is a retired Toledo fireman, and he used to tell us horror stories about kids who blew their fingers off with fireworks - this is not a new problem. Something can go wrong with near anything - add booze to the mix, and kids probably, and there ya got it. But pass a LAW???? Good grief, spare me the nannys..

A formal investigation has not even been done yet. Because the fire was on the 4th of July there are big assumptions being made here that the fire was caused by fireworks. This may very well turn out to be true but shouldn't we wait till that this is indeed the identified cause before jumping on the illegal fireworks bandwagon? How stupid all this discussion will seem if it is determine that the fire was caused by some electrical malfunction or some arsonist using the 4th of July as a guise to cover their mischievousness.
And besides....if the Police cannot enforce current laws how the hell are stiffer laws going to be enforced?

P.S. I hate the sound of a baseall coming off an aluminum bat. Bring back the wood!

- Just the KAT, thinking out loud again.

If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth. ~Japanese Proverb

Officials confirm fireworks caused South Toledo apartment blaze

Fire Chief Mike Wolever announced Monday afternoon that fireworks caused the blaze at the Hunters Ridge apartment complex early Saturday that destroyed nine buildings and displaced about 200 residents.

At any point. For any reason. Just give them an excuse and govt will seize the moment to take control of our lives. A Toledo ban would be meaningless. You can readily purchase things that go boom in Holland Oregon and Michigan. What would another law on the books gain you ? Considering the police do not even enforce the laws we currently have. People blew shit up in my neighborhood until 1:30am the past 4 nights and I did not see a single patrol car or a citation written.

Navarre needs to keep his opinion to himself. And only speak when Carty has given him something to say.


Shooting off fireworks is a tradition in the U.S.,?

But there is nothing in writing anywhere that states that.

Fireworks, don't kill people. People lighting off fireworks, don't kill people. What really kills people are fireworks manufacturers since they have the deep pockets.


Also, you're wrong about the "not in writing". You can find news reports of fireworks displays going back decades, if not centuries.

this would have happened at the apartment building near my house. Would have been nice to displace all the thugs and criminals that live in there with there loud rap music. Guess I'll have to wait for next fourth of July.

I hope this is a wake-up call for apartment renters to get renter's insurance. I heard it was pretty cheap (ten bucks a month or so?). I realize if you're broke, that ten bucks can be hard to come by - but worth it.

The real wake-up call for apartment dwellers is to not live in complexes where risky behaviors are commonly exhibited. I'm talking about the complex in question. I'm also talking about the complex I lived in, once in Toledo, where my neighbor across the hall intentionally set his couch on fire.

Stay OUT of the "ghetto complexes". That goes double for complexes that take one look at you and carefully bring to the BACK of their complex (i.e. most complexes have a "ghetto" section where they consign the rowdies).

For a slightly higher cost per month, rent in a better complex. Of course, with all the houses now for rent in Toledo's collapsing housing-speculation market, you can just rent a house and avoid apartments altogether, if that's where you want to assign risk and spend your money.

"I'm talking about the complex in question. ...
Stay OUT of the "ghetto complexes".

This complex was hardly the "ghetto" . It housed young couples just starting out, college students, ethnicities of all races. Just because this was not some complex in the burbs does not necessarily make it the ghetto. What in you opinion made this a ghetto?

You are the one who consistently says that we must live within our means, become less materialistic. Now when those who live in a less costly apartment complex because they may be doing as you suggested; you call them ghetto dwellers. How unfair is that?

- Just the KAT, thinking out loud again.

If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth. ~Japanese Proverb

Firstly, if that's the complex I think it is, I have a friend in the know who gets tired of handling 911 calls to it. 911 calls = Ghetto.

Secondly, a batch of young people invariably means people who like to party. Party-goers = Ghetto.

Remember, that although it's possible, it's very hard to find cheap rentals in poorer neighborhoods and complexes that are NOT beset with ill-behaving people, crime, trash and all too many signs of the ghetto. Whatever happened to the poor, but upright people of yesteryear? That's one of the reasons I don't seek cheaper lodging, myself. I'd end up in a drug-ridden crime alley, and frankly, I prefer poorer people who do NOT look at me as a target, as soon as I fall asleep or leave my domicile. Since I can't find these sorts of people, I'll half-happily continue renting modest lodging just past the Zoo.

P.S. Being less materialistic also means less burglary.

Just because this was not some complex in the burbs does necessarily make it the ghetto.

It doesn't mean you'll find Beaver Cleaver and Wally playing ball in the vacant lot, either. When I rent an apartment I stipulate that I need a nice, quiet place. When I ask the manager or landlord if they represent this property as such, I stop talking and start listening. If they say or do anything twitchy, I leave and take my money with me. With the housing market the way it is in Toledo, landlords can't afford that kind of loss. Another tip is to look at the place late in the afternoon as people come home from work. If you hear boom cars and loud rap music, just move on. The landlord knows what kind of place he has, and he knows if it's quiet or not. One landlord I interviewed responded, "Yes, it's quiet. I won't tolerate anything else."

If it's possible, get a place where the manager lives on site. It's also possible to interview a few tenants while you're around. If they seem like nice people and assure you the place is quiet, it probably is. If they look like party animals, well, there you have it.

In my opinion, GZ isn't trying to prevaricate a racial slur or insult of any kind. He's telling the plain spoken truth, and I suggest you begin giving him the benefit of the doubt. Kat.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

<In my opinion, GZ isn't trying to prevaricate a racial slur or insult of any kind

To me it sounded exactly like that. What evidence does he provide to indicate that this complex was a ghetto by definition? Just his opinion which seemed to be based upon his visual observations as to what he thought were less then ethical residents. If he has evidence that he can provide (like police reports) that this complex had any worse reputation then average I may be more incline to give him the benefit of the doubt. Otherwise it sounds like pure bigotry.

P.S....In the interest of disclosure, I edited my earlier statement to correct some grammatical errors and added additional comments between the time I first posted it and MJ quoted it.


- Just the KAT, thinking out loud again.

If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth. ~Japanese Proverb

Or just plain spoken opinion.

We live in north Toledo. In the greater Old Polish Village area.

We have lived here for nearly 12 years now.

Not once have we been broken into, Our cars parked outside have not been vandalized.

We did have some neighbors, well known to law enforcement, and because of their actions they brought the law down on them.

The neighborhood is better with people getting involved, although there are too many vacant houses and empty lots.

Most of the problems now in the area are caused by people passing through or looking for someone to settle a score with and not neighbor on neighbor.

Crime happens even in the ritzy parts of the area.