I don't see any child care centers, but I do see flooding in Wilma Brown's district

If you listened to Wilma Brown in the last two weeks, you would think that we would need to call in the Marines call in the army to deal with the out of control child care centers. I have not seen a childcare center problem (I live in Wilma Brown's district) but this flooding occurs on a regular basis and no one has done anything about it. This slideshow was taken on Sherbrook and Loxley almost 24 HOURS after the rain started. Normally it does flood here at this intersection and has been that way for MANY years now and obviously nothing has been done. I won't mention the horrible shape Sherbrook is in and has been in many years now. One resident lost their car engine as they tried to pull into their own driveway during the storm. But hey, we in District 1 can now rest easy because we have a handle on those evil child care centers.

And people wonder why we are frustrated.

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2 Crawford Avenue residents file class suit against Toledo

Two homeowners who were among dozens of residents in a West Toledo neighborhood besieged again by damaging floodwaters filed a class-action lawsuit yesterday against the city of Toledo and the Lucas County Commissioners.

West Crawford Avenue residents Bonnie Kalka and Kelly Morelli filed the action in Lucas County Common Pleas Court on behalf of themselves and others whose homes were similarly damaged Wednesday by floodwaters.

In 2006, Crawford Avenue residents suffered flood damage severe enough to prompt a federal disaster declaration.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency awarded the city of Toledo a $390,000 grant to purchase the six houses most seriously damaged by the series of storms that flooded Crawford and other streets in West and South Toledo between June 21 and July 12, 2006.


this flooding occurs due to clogged drains, completely controlled by the City. There are no rivers/cricks in the area. I would like to repeat, this has occurred for MANY years now. The rain this past week was the worst due to that amount of water lingering for almost 24 hrs, but it is a common place occurrence to have 8 inches of water sitting there after a heavy rain. I also took photos of the debris line so you can see how high it actually was during the peak. It seemed to have reached around 16 inches deep right after the storm. I only talked to one owner who said amazingly the water did not go into his basement, but I don't know if the other houses were as lucky.

What did she say was the supposed "problem" with child care centers? Just curious.

I'm trying to figure out how a legitimate child care center can be "out of control." ?????

Noise from people dropping off and picking kids up. Noise as in radios and CD's blasting sound throughout the neighborhoods.

We must have about 20 child care centers in my neighborhood then. Weird though... it looks like all the parents do is drive around and around and around. And around.

Also, my former asshat neighbors must have had a child care center in their house. Except that the only two children I ever saw were their own. Well, that and the "man" of the house.


So the problem wouldn't be so much with the child care center itself, but a few moron parents who happen to patronize the business.

I was wondering that the problem could have possibly been...lol. Usually, close access to child care in a family neighborhood would be a positive thing. (Parents don't have to drive miles out of their way to utilize child care services.)

But really...if you're going to have idiots who drive through a neighborhood with radios blasting, is that exclusive to child care centers? Seems like they could be patrons of pretty much any business.

I've blogged about this elsewhere, but here is another example of going after the symptom rather than the problem. If the problem is noise, don't we already have ordinances on the books to handle this?

I think it may be time for our elected officials to learn more about something called Root Cause Analsysis..."Root cause analysis (RCA) is a class of problem solving methods aimed at identifying the root causes of problems or events. The practice of RCA is predicated on the belief that problems are best solved by attempting to correct or eliminate root causes, as opposed to merely addressing the immediately obvious symptoms. By directing corrective measures at root causes, it is hoped that the likelihood of problem recurrence will be minimized. " [Wikipedia] Yes I know, analysis is not sexy and may not garner the big headlines, but won't it better address the problems we have by attacking them at the root rather than the leaves?

Yes, yes we do.

Enforcement is what is needed.

People need to make the police aware of the problems so the police can monitor.

If they do not know about the problem, then they cannot address the problem.

Maybe it is just me, but not every one who blasts a radio is this or that.

People of all types are simply inconsiderate. But with actions taken by the police to abate the noise, they cannot be every where, has made people turn the volume down.

My neighborhood was plagued with the loud music from cars. Late last year it started to subside and this year it has dropped off even more.

Businesses on Cherry Street have signs up, turn the music down or you won't be served.

But how does a business person, who has a brick and mortar, police the actions of the public outside?

Is it the business persons responsibility to tell his or her patrons to turn the music down?

Is it a personal freedom to play music in a car?

In one of my jobs I work with the public and some have commented that music from a car bothers them. A simple, please, turn the music down a bit works for most people. Some are just adamant that they have the right to blast music.

Can we legislate consideration for each other?

I used to live on that exact corner of Sherbrook and Loxley.

Wow 8 years later and still nothing has been done. They must have put all their time into that renovation of the Southwyck Mall.



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