Intimidating a Judge will get you nowhere, UAW!

Why do people think that things will change once you scare them?

From the story: After tires on two of her cars were flattened following the breakdown of negotiations with the UAW, Lucas County Juvenile Court Judge Denise Cubbon says she no longer will recognize the union as the bargaining unit for juvenile court employees.

It took a person to make this decision to intimidate this judge.

Yep, Unions are our future....

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Pete Gerken has so much time and the county is in good shape that he can now negotiate contracts.

The puppet strings the unions have tied to him are next to invisible!! Ya gotta really squint!

Toledo/Lucas County, Ohio - Union owned and operated since 1837...

Petey's the poster child.

I'm truly surprised with the ethical drama Ben had conjured up last year he'd have pounced all over Petey, but guess not.

But to go to a judges house and puncture her tires? What scumbag loser would resort to behaviour like this? I can only hope this moron is found out.

lot to be said about labelless white envelopes showing up on desks....

In county lockup. If convicted. But where are you going to find 12 non union affiliated other than democrat voting jurors in this town ?

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